Wi-Manx Remains Dedicated to Residential Services

Wi-Manx Remains Dedicated to Residential Services

There’s been a lot of changes going on behind the scenes here at Wi-Manx…

but rest assured, we’re still continuing to provide residential broadband and home telephone services to all our residential customers! So, what’s changed?

As you can see from our website, Wi-Manx no longer provides business IT. To bring additional benefits to both our business and residential customers, Wi-Manx Business has been brought under the Elite Group umbrella and has rebranded as Elite Group.im. Elite Group acquired Wi-Manx back in 2014 and is now bringing the business-to-business side of the company into the wider group, ensuring our business customers can benefit from an expanded product range, wider skill set and greater business expertise.

As for our residential services, we recognise that Wi-Manx is a trusted local brand with a strong customer base. This is why Wi-Manx will continue operating as normal, supplying home broadband and home phone services to residential customers across the island, as well as providing a personalised local service and Manx-based customer support.


What Are the Benefits for Residential Customers?

  • Personalised residential customer support
  • Specialised technology for residential use
  • Relevant news and updates
  • Dedicated residential services

Rob Sims, Elite Group CEO explains more about the move from Wi-Manx Business to Elite Group IOM.


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