5 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Web Defender

5 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Web Defender

The Internet can be a marvellous place for the whole family, including children.

It helps with homework, provides entertainment, and keeps us connected with friends and family. Yet the Internet also has a dark side.

Cyberthreats, bullying and inappropriate content are all things that a modern parent has to contend with. At Wi-Manx, we take online safety extremely seriously. We want to help parents protect themselves and their children when browsing online.

This is where our Web Defender can step in. Here are 5 reasons you need a Web Defender in your home.


Block Inappropriate/Mature Content

Not all content on the Internet will be appropriate or suitable for children. Ensure your kids don’t stumble across anything they shouldn’t with the Wi-Manx Web Defender. Easily block or control access to inappropriate or mature content that’s unsuitable or harmful for children.

Our Wed Defender will search all websites for restricted keywords, allowing or denying access based on your specifications. You can also create a blacklist of inappropriate websites to immediately block those URLs. With the Web Defender on the case, you’ll have peace of mind that your children can only access the safer/child-friendly parts of the internet.


Protect Your Tech Against Cyberthreats

Sometimes, simply browsing online can leave you vulnerable to cyberthreats like viruses, phishing, and malware. The Wi-Manx Web Defender not only blocks inappropriate content but can also help to safeguard your home computer, laptop, or smartphone from malicious cyberthreats.

Virus, phishing, and malware can be inadvertently downloaded by clicking on dodgy links. Our Web Defender can filter out, flag up and ultimately block access to unsafe websites or URLs. Alongside your antivirus software, our web filtering can act as your first line of defence against cyberthreats.


Monitor User Activity

In an increasingly digital world, the age when kids first get online is getting lower. Whether that’s playing educational games or watching child-friendly content, even young children have access to the Internet these days. As a parent, it’s important to know that your children are safe online.

As well as blocking and restricting content, our Web Defender also allows you to monitor users activity and track what websites your children use. With the ability to access user activity, you’ll have peace of mind that your children are only accessing age-appropriate material. It can also help to inform what websites should be restricted/allowed.


Bypass Filters for Unrestricted Browsing

If you share your computer or laptop with your children, you’ll no doubt want to be able to browse unrestrictedly. Certain keywords or websites that are inappropriate for children may be necessary for you (e.g online shopping, games or entertainment). Protecting your family doesn’t have to impact your browsing experience.

With the Wi-Manx Web Defender, we use cloud keys to create exceptions from your specified rules and restrictions. This allows the adults in your household to easily bypass the filters and access the content they want. Browse without limits whilst ensuring you’re blocking harmful/unsuitable content for your children.


Fully Managed by the WI-Manx Team

At Wi-Manx, we want to make it as easy as possible to protect your family from online threats or inappropriate material. We also know that dealing with your home tech can be a hassle. That’s why the Wi-Manx team will set up and maintain your web filtering solution for you.

Our cloud-based solution requires no on-site hardware or home visits. Our expert engineers can take care of everything from our end, enabling the Web Defender on your home broadband. When it’s this easy to protect your home, why not opt for the Wi-Manx Web Defender?


Protect Your Family Today


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