Data Breach, Scare Tactics or a Trusted Island Company?

Data Breach, Scare Tactics or a Trusted Island Company?

Unlike the major Island and UK providers, Wi-Manx is a 100% Manx owned IT and telecoms provider. Since its foundation in 2004, Wi-Manx has grown to become a leading provider of voice, IT, connectivity and network solutions to businesses as well as a competitive provider of residential broadband.

The company has successfully positioned itself as the alternative leading provider of IT and communications services on Island. And, considering recent events, a change in provider could be just what you are looking for.

For two other providers on Island it’s been an eventful month, with a data breach and allegations of ‘scare tactics’ and ‘guerrilla marketing’ methods being used as revealed in the Isle of Man Examiner on August 5.

Although the world hasn’t ended, it is worth considering that there are alternative options when it comes to choosing a partner for your IT and communications services. And, what’s more, Wi-Manx are extremely proud of their offering, customer service and the journey they have been on since 2004.

The company provides a truly personal service; with highly skilled engineers paying great attention to detail with every single customer case, it is no surprise that their service offering spans the entire globe.

Wi-Manx are also part of the Elite Group which allows them to take advantage of additional resources, experience and skills to ensure that they constantly deliver quality, feature-rich and innovative solutions with real benefits to customers.

With the Isle of Man being such a small community, a company’s reputation hinges on how they treat their customers. This is why Wi-Manx put customer service at the heart of what they do. When you choose Wi-Manx, you can expect transparency, first-class customer service and a customer-focused approach.

If you’d like to learn more about what Wi-Manx do, or are just looking for free, impartial advice on your options, contact them today on 663333 or email and one of their experts will be in touch.