6 Top Tech Predictions For 2019

6 Top Tech Predictions For 2019

As 2018 draws to an end, its normal to sit back and reflect on the year just been, and to speculate about what the new year could bring. It is almost a Christmas tradition on the internet to make predications for what comes next in any industry in which technology plays a key role. And we’re ones for sticking to tradition.

In our recent article, The Top Trends to Look Out for in Telecoms, we looked at what the major influences to the telecoms industry are likely to be in the coming year. Now, we are going to look at the top technology predictions for 2019.


  1. Voice will Replace the Keyboard

Today, many consumers already use voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Siri, but in 2019 we can expect to see voice technology really gain momentum. Currently, Alexa and Google Home top the charts in voice technology and theres no doubt many Christmas stockings around the world will be filled with these devices this year and next.

Amazon say that they have over 10,000 employees working on the Alexa-enabled technology; and advancements in voice technology mean that it will begin to seep into our daily lives more and more. In 2019, the way we use voice technology is likely to become much more personalised with features such as calendars, payment information, nicknames and linked accounts.


  1. Machines Taking Our Jobs

We have all heard it before… the robots are coming to take our jobs! But are they really? Well, artificial intelligence has become so advanced that it is now used in customer service and support, meaning individuals in these roles could find themselves being robbed of their position.

It is worth remembering that not all jobs are up for grabs no matter what sci-fi has led you to believe. Individuals should focus on attaining and refining their soft skills such as creative thinking, teamwork, motivation and flexibility, as these will likely be the skills employers will desire in the coming years. After all, they are yet to create a machine that has a great positive, can-do attitude.


  1. The Cloud will Dominate

It has already been widely predicted that the technology of the future will depend on the cloud. In fact, soon, almost all applications at home and in the workplace will be hosted in the cloud. The cloud will be widely adopted by businesses as it allows them to avoid paying for expensive hardware or servers to run power their websites and apps.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft are currently the big players in cloud computing and are paving the way forward in this space. In 2019, it is likely that more and more businesses will invest in cloud technology with, for example, more companies transitioning to hosted phone systems. 


  1. Amazon will Reach an Unprecedented Scale

Amazons transformation since its foundation has been quite astonishing. It all began in 1994 with Jeff Bezos’ idea to create an online store whereby people could buy and sell books. In 2016, Amazon hit $136 billion sales. Recently, they signed a deal to buy Whole Foods and have also become a top-tier business in cloud computing.

Their most recent development is the Amazon Go store which is leading the way in cashier-less stores. This month, they opened their ninth store in San Francisco. The possibilities are endless for Amazon right now, and 2019 will definitely be a year in which will see their expansion excelled.


  1. The Modern Workplace will Evolve

The modern workplace is changing. Our article Adapting Your Telecoms for a Millennial Workforce highlights some of the changes that are currently taking place such as the widespread adoption of cloud technologies. But the development of technologies like artificial intelligence mean that humans are moving away from repetitive tasks which will require the modern worker to think creatively, be dynamic and collaborate with their colleagues.

In 2019, we could see more and more companies adopting technologies that enable their workforce to work away from their desk. Work will no longer be a place that you go, but a thing that you do. Flexibility is the buzzword, and Millennials and Generation Z have come to expect it.


  1. The Deployment of 5G

This is an area that many people are excited about. If they haven’t already, in 2019, businesses will need to begin preparing how they will use 5G to gain a competitive advantage. Many telcos have already developed 5G infrastructure and next year it is very likely that we see 5G networks being enabled.

With 5G promising to be one-thousand times faster than the current speeds and bandwidth available to us, it is clear that it will offer a lot of benefits. Some of the possibilities include: improved collaboration through cloud-based applications, the development of autonomous cars and the adoption of virtual reality technologies.