Hosted PBX

Enjoy leading voice technology with a hosted telephony system from Wi-Manx – hosted in our secure, resilient, world-class datacentre on the Isle of Man.

The Latest VoIP Technology for your Business

Wi-Manx, the Island’s leading IT and Telecoms provider, is able to provide leading hosted PBX systems.

Using the latest VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, our hosted PBX solution requires no support or training, can be set up quickly and will adapt as your business grows.

Whatever your business needs, we will be able to create a solution to match.

Leading Island IT and Telecoms provider, Wi-Manx, brings you class-leading voice technology at a fantastic price with PlusTalk for Business

PlusTalk for Business

As the leading Island IT and Telecoms provider, Wi-Manx brings you class-leading voice technology at a fantastic price with PlusTalk for Business. What’s more, when you switch from another provider you can transfer your business number(s) to Wi-Manx and keep the important numbers your business contacts and customers recognise.

Easy to set up, our hosted telephony system requires no support or training to administer and can be tailored to your specific business requirements. Your phone system will be hosted in our datacentre, stored in the cloud – meaning you can enjoy a highly secure, resilient and scalable phone system solution.

Choose our advanced reporting option to get real-time operational intelligence.

With PlusTalk, there are no restrictions as to the number of people we can supports – from an individual user or whole site to multiple-sites in multiple locations

Tailored Solutions. Increased Resiliency

With PlusTalk, there are no restrictions as to the number of people we can supports – from an individual user or whole site to multiple-sites in multiple locations. This enables all your offices to be connected seamlessly wherever they are located – UK, Isle of Man or worldwide.

Using enterprise-grade server hardware within our secure, resilient world-class datacentre, you will receive a future-proof phone system that is regularly upgraded, and which provides enhanced service functionality. In addition, if you need to relocate at short notice for disaster recovery purposes or an office move, simply take your phones with you and continue business as normal.

Save money by eliminating IT management and physical hardware requirements

Enhanced Features. Reduced Costs

Using next generation PBX technology, our hosted telephony solutions come with an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel so that you retain full control. Help your business save money and become more efficient with a system that offers a host of different features, including: hot desking, conferencing, extension dialling, hunt groups, call park and retrieve, call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail and more.

PlusTalk is available on three levels, PlusTalk IOM, PlusTalk UK and PlusTalk Global and as monthly subscription per user, and, because it is a virtual PBX service, there is no need for the cost to maintain and upgrade hardware. As an internet-based solution you will also benefit from low cost and free calls to some destinations*.

*dependent on call package

Fixed number portability allows you to switch your services and transfer your number between Manx Telecom, Sure and Wi-Manx quickly and easily.

Business Benefits

Future Proof

Enjoy regular upgrades – your phone system is always up to date.

Peace of Mind

Benefit from a reliable, highly resilient and scalable solution.

The Latest Tech

Get access to the latest VoIP technology.

Transfer Numbers

Keep your existing business number(s) and avoid any business disruption.

Reduced Costs

No maintenance, upgrade or licence fees and cheaper local and national calls.


No on-site hardware or maintenance required – we will monitor proactively and respond quickly.

Why Choose Wi-Manx for your Hosted Telephony System?

  • Access to our award-winning support team
  • Choose a provider with over 15 years’ experience
  • Equip your business with a highly reliable solution
  • Remove management hassle and spend more time on your business
  • Ensure your business is protected from downtime
  • Pick a package that matches your needs

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“Wi-Manx have been extremely helpful, particularly towards those with limited IT knowledge. I would recommend them in particular for their understanding of the needs and limited resources of a new small business”

- Laurie Royston, Owner, Wicked Coffee (IOM) Limited

“We cannot underestimate the importance of reliable and high-speed connectivity and the installation of our super-fast dedicated line from Wi-Manx further positions The Claremont has the hotel of choice for Island visitors”

- Mark Wilson, Managing Director, Claremont Hotel

“We are delighted with the Wi-Manx team following the inception of our Hosted Desktop solution. We noticed immediately the difference in speed and productivity”

- Nigel Gregg, Managing Director, MAC Group

“We are delighted to be able to use Wi-Manx as an Isle of Man based hosting provider. We are extremely impressed by Wi-Manx”

- Martin Norbury , Director, Isle of Man Advertising