Telephone Numbers

Our network for in country local, toll free, universal toll free and revenue share numbers covers in excess of 145 countries and 7,500 cities worldwide.

Worldwide Network

Wi-Manx is the only Isle of Man supplier that offers voice, hosting, internet and datacentre services to businesses.

Founded in 2004, Wi-Manx has since grown to provide services to a truly global customer base. We provide a reliable service to over 2,700 customers across B2B and B2C markets, and pride ourselves on our bespoke solutions and first-class support.

At Wi-Manx, we can provide your business with a unique, memorable phone number. Our long-term partnerships with carriers across the globe means we have built a vast network for worldwide inbound telephone numbers.

Telephone numbers for Isle of Man business

Experienced Telephone Number Providers

Wi-Manx are experienced telephone number providers. We can supply your business with a bespoke, memorable phone number. We have developed long-term partnerships with carriers across the globe and have built a vast network for worldwide inbound telephone numbers.

With experience in the international telecommunications sector, Wi-Manx is well positioned to advise businesses and make recommendations for your global numbering strategy. Wi-Manx’s network for in-country local, toll free, universal toll free and revenue share numbers covers in excess of 145 countries and 7,500 cities worldwide.

International Numbers

Wi-Manx has developed long-term partnerships with carriers across the globe, and had built a vast network for international inbound telephone numbers. Wi-Manx’s network for in-country local, toll free, universal toll free and revenue share numbers covers in excess of 145 countries and 7,500 cities worldwide.

Wi-Manx is well positioned to advise businesses and make recommendations regarding your global numbering strategy. This, combined with the potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency through our range of value-add services, presents a very attractive proposition.


UK 08 Numbers

Wi-Manx offer a number of telephone number solutions for businesses in the UK that can provide you with a larger geographic presence from having a bespoke telephone number.

Larger companies seeking a professional number can benefit from our chargeable 08 numbers that generate a profit each time a call is made. Any business looking to increase incoming calls can benefit from our Freephone number solution; 0800 and 0808 are well-known geographic number ranges that are free for your customers to call from a landline.


UK Geographic and Low Cost 0300 Numbers

Our 01 and 02 Geographic number solution makes it easy for businesses to appear local in any town or city in the UK.

Low cost 0333 numbers are one of the newest number ranges, which are becoming the most popular alternative to Freephone due to their low cost for callers. The solution is suitable for non-profit and public sector organisations, as these are non-geographic and so are cheaper for customers to call.

State of the Art Support from Wi-Manx

State-of-the-Art Tech and Award Winning Support 

When you choose a toll free or local numbering solution with Wi-Manx, you will get access to a range of advanced tech features and first-class customer support.

Analyse calls daily, weekly or monthly, and make real-time changes that ensure effective resource utilisation. Get voicemail messages sent as WAV files to a designated email address. Create a tailored IVR solution in more than 170 languages. Set up regular automated testing to ensure your calls remain clear, delay-free and without background noise. And use real-time call rerouting to redirect calls to wherever you need them to go.

Our team has decades of experience in telecoms, data, hosting and everything in between. You will be allocated one of our award-winning, dedicated account managers and provided with details for other named contacts in service and support so that you have direct access to key team members.

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Become an international business over night; establish yourself in multiple countries and make yourself appear larger and more successful.



Live call data can be used intuitively to track the effectiveness of your international numbers as well as providing any up to the minute statistical information you require on site. i.e. number of calls, length of call, and more.



As you are in charge of your call routing you are easily able to change where the number is pointed via our online portal.



Unique numbers can be used in separate marketing campaigns to gage which campaigns are more successful than others.



Automatic reroute to any device to ensure your business never misses a call.



Calls are routed easily and seamlessly within just a few clicks should disaster occur on site. The number goes wherever you do, whether you move offices or simply suffer an outage, calls can even be rerouted to mobile devices or home workers.

Diverse data hosting solution

Diverse Data Hosting Solutions

We own and operate our own core network with extensive coverage both on and off the Isle of Man. Our unique network infrastructure leverages six datacentres, which allows Island businesses to benefit from multisite hosting solutions for increased diversity and resilience.

Award winning technical support

Award-Winning Technical Support

Our engineers are trained to ‘3rd line standards’ – meaning technical enquiries are dealt with effectively and efficiently by knowledgeable staff.

Speed and precision

Speed and Precision

Whether you need to order a service or upgrade your account, we take pride in helping customers reach a resolution as quickly as possible. We combine speed with attention to detail, resulting in 90% of our customers being willing to recommend us.

Voice experts

Voice Experts

We have operated the Island’s most popular voice over IP network for over 10 years, and have the widest range of industry-leading cloud hosted PBX platforms and complementary products.

One hundred percent manx owned

100% Manx

Wi-Manx is the only 100% Manx owned, fully licensed telecoms operator. We continue to invest in networks and technologies that benefit Island businesses and residents.

Cloud consultants

Cloud Consultants

We believe in a consultative approach that maximises your use of the cloud. By helping you choose the right combination of computer, storage and network services, our solution will meet your requirements and have flexibility and scalability built in.

Threat management

Threat Management

We are passionate about providing businesses with expert protection and security against data breaches – wherever they originate from. Our advanced threat management toolkit combines external threat management, internal threat management and hybrid backup and recovery.

Enterprise network solutions


We supply premium enterprise network solutions, implementing integrated connectivity and voice networks to organisations of all sizes. With one provider for hosting, internet, voice and site-to-site connectivity, all your services will be integrated and managed from one platform.


It is so refreshing to receive the level of customer service that we experience from Wi-Manx that quickly offers positive results and solutions.

- Mick Juchnowicz, IT Systems Manager, Tres Solutions Limited