PlusTalk for Home

Switch to Wi-Manx PlusTalk and Enjoy the Best Fixed Line Call Rates and Packages

Switch to Wi-Manx PlusTalk 

PlusTalk from Wi-Manx means you don’t have to worry about your home phone bill- you can call your friends and family using our leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which transmits your voice over the internet rather than over costly fixed lines. What’s more when you switch to us from another island provider you can keep your existing number(s) and we will provide you with just one bill for all your services with us.

Wi-Manx PlusTalk is available together with our Broadband Plus, Velocity and Velocity Superplus packages and can also be purchased individually.

When you switch to Wi-Manx PlusTalk you will benefit from: 

  • Free calls to a variety of destinations, depending on your package, and the lowest call rates available to a variety of countries including international ones
  • Best call rate packages so you can save on your money
  • One bill for all your Wi-Manx services
  • Access to the latest leading voice technology
  • One inclusive price for each package with no hidden costs
  • Lower monthly line rental. Wi-Manx line rental gives you excellent value each month
  • 100% Manx. Wi-Manx is Manx owned and its team located on Ridgeway Street in Douglas
  • Keep your existing number(s) that your friends and family already know
  • State of the art award winning support. Having a knowledgeable support team means that any technical enquiries can be dealt with quickly and efficiently – and that you won’t get stuck waiting for a resolution

Wi-Manx PlusTalk packages

PlusTalk IOM*

PlusTalk IOM with one of our Broadband packages is £15.98 (inc VAT)

Per Month
  • Low cost call charges to on Island, ROI and UK landlines / mobiles - from just 5p per minute.

PlusTalk UK*

PlusTalk UK with one of our Broadband packages is £18.98 (inc VAT)

Per Month
  • Includes free calls to on Island, UK and ROI (01, 02, 03 and +353 numbers) fixed lines for the first hour of the call
  • Low cost calls to on Island, ROI and UK landlines -from just 5p per minute after the first hour

PlusTalk Global*

PlusTalk Global with one of our Broadband packages is £21.98 (inc VAT)

Per Month
  • Calls may incur a 12p set-up charge.
  • Low-cost call charges to a variety of countries (details of individual destination call rates can be seen on our support page)

*Prices include a multi-service discount.