You’re Not Alone – Dealing With The Stress And Anxiety Throughout Lockdown

You’re Not Alone – Dealing With The Stress And Anxiety Throughout Lockdown

With Mental awareness week only just behind us, the need to keep a focus on employee mental wellbeing remains to be a focus and should always be at the forefront of any business HR management policy.

Today I just wanted to reflect on our experience here at Elite. Many of our staff are flagging the same themes in their check-in calls with our HR team & managers and I thought it would be helpful to share these so you know you are not on your own.

It is understandable that during times like this, people may be feeling afraid, worried, anxious and overwhelmed by the constantly changing alerts and media coverage regarding the spread of the virus.

Lots of us have seen the social media stories making the rounds which appear on the surface to be true, but in fact, on further investigation are not… but at that point, the worry has already set in.

Simply listening to the news can put people on edge, scrolling through endless social media seeing post after post about the situation and sharing the same space almost 24/7 with others in your home are all contributing factors to the rise in anxiety levels and tensions.

So, what can we do about it?

While it is important to stay informed the following are some mental health and wellbeing tips to continue looking after ourselves and each other during these difficult times:

  • Manage your exposure to media coverage and avoid watching, reading or listening to the news on repeat. Yes, we should be informed – but that doesn’t have to be constant throughout the day.  Pick one timeslot to watch the news or read about it and stick to it and be mindful of sources of information and ensure you are accessing good quality and accurate information.
  • Do you best to remain calm and be mindful not to contribute to the widespread panic that can hinder efforts to positively manage the outbreak.
  • Show compassion and kindness to one another and don’t let your fear or anxiety drive your interactions with others
  • Have a break from social media. Contact friends via Facetime, House-party and Zoom aps but not face-book, twitter or Instagram.  Avoid incessant scrolling!  Just a few days off here and there will make a difference.
  • Actively manage your wellbeing by maintaining routines where possible and for those of us who do suffer from anxiety and stress, the World Health Organisation and Mind cannot stress this enough
  • Make sure you get some physical exercise every day….and take your breaks! 😊
  • Take some time out just for you and do what makes you happy, read a book, get crafty or whatever helps you unwind. But do it without interruption so you can immerse yourself.
  • Talk to your friends, colleagues, and family regularly about anything and everything. Maintaining social banter at work is just as important as business discussions.

These are just a few of my suggestions, there are numerous resources online with tips and recommendations so go take a look and implement if need be.

Now more than ever as a collective, whether it be at work or socially, we should be taking care of those around us and making sure everyone’s health is taken care of. For some, stress and anxiety may get too much, I encourage anyone if you find yourself in this position, to seek help or if you feel you know someone in this position encourage them the get help.

No matter what, our mental health is a priority and should never be taken lightly. As individuals, we should always be mindful of not only our own but others wellbeing and as business leaders, we should be aware that happy and healthy employees make for great businesses.

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