Why Tech Startups Are Choosing To Set Up Shop on the Isle of Man

Why Tech Startups Are Choosing To Set Up Shop on the Isle of Man

Tail-less cats. Three-legged gods. Vikings. A black ghost dog. The most dangerous motorsport event in the world. A talking mongoose. The birthplace of the Bee Gees. The fifth most likely nation to put another man on the moon.

When you think about the things the Isle of Man is famous for, it’s clear our little Island is a wonderfully strange place. It’s hard to imagine how the Island must appear to those who haven’t heard of it before. But we’re sure that anyone learning about the Isle of Man for the first time must be thinking (at least a little bit) “this can’t be a real place”.

But the Isle of Man is fast becoming famous for something else – and this is possibly its biggest surprise yet. The Isle of Man is well underway to becoming a global hub for tech start-ups. A silicon Island in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Already a global powerhouse in terms of e-gaming and fintech, over the last few years, the Isle of Man has been quietly expanding its tech sector to encompass digital companies of all types.

Because the Isle of Man Government has been so welcoming to the e-gaming industry In particular (a sector which now accounts for 20 percent of the Island’s GDP), tech start-ups working in other exciting areas – such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain –  are now seriously considering the Isle of Man when it comes to choosing a location.

Though less famous than the California’s Silicon Valley or London’s Tech City, the Isle of Man has a significant draw. And this is its ability to legislate itself. Because it is self-governed, the Isle of Man is able to create and implement supportive legislation quickly and efficiently. And this means it is able to create a regulatory environment that’s twenty-first century-ready and actively supportive of a wide range of tech endeavours.

Additionally, the Isle of Man is working hard to provide a suitable education and entry-level schemes to young residents interested in a career in tech. This is something that Wi-Manx, with our internship program, has been actively involved with. At the same time, the Government is making it easier and more desirable for tech professionals to relocate to the Island. These measures are already creating a job market that can support a strong digital ecosystem.

As a Manx company working within the tech sector, all of this is incredibly exciting. Start-ups looking to set up shop on the Isle of Man need good connectivity, hosting and voice solutions. And, at Wi-Manx, we sure we’re able to deliver them.

Since being founded in 2004 as a broadband provider, Wi-Manx has grown to provide a complete range of services to businesses seeking voice, hosting, internet and data-centre solutions.

Our approach has always been to combine the very best tech solutions with industry-leading support. This means that our customers enjoy reliable, resilient solutions, and are able to relax in the knowledge that, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, normal operations will be restored quickly and effectively.


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