Why Connectivity is the Key to a Successful Business

Why Connectivity is the Key to a Successful Business

Research has shown that over 50% of start-ups fail within the first two years of their existence. There are many reasons why a start-up may fail to surpass the two-year mark. But all start-up owners should ask themselves the following questions. What can I do to ensure that my business is on track for success? And what resources are available today that can aid in this?

Having a proper and complete IT and telecoms solution in place is crucial to the success of all businesses, no matter their size. Once upon a time, telecoms companies had a reputation for adopting a “take it or leave it attitude”, but thankfully, those days are gone. At Wi-Manx, we are committed to providing a personal and bespoke service to each of our clients, as we believe this is crucial in ensuring success. We focus on making our relationships with customers as personal and thorough as possible. Every business has different requirements and a different budget; therefore, it is important that your IT and telecoms solution is tailored to meet these factors. If you are the owner of a start-up or SME, you may wonder if there are packages out there that are targeted to your needs. We currently have several products that are suited for this market. And we can create a tailored solution that will ensure all your requirements are met.

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, the accelerated convergence of technologies and telecoms has been undeniable. This has affected the way that businesses across all industries and sectors work. Many businesses now want to unify their communications under one provider and streamline their IT and telecoms services – enabling them to be positioned as players into today’s competitive landscape.

Read on to have a closer look at three ways connectivity can help your business succeed:


Connectivity is key to ensuring that you are providing and receive the best experience when users access your cloud-based applications. Cloud computing is attractive to many businesses as the need to pay for large amounts of storage and disk space is removed. Also, with a cloud solution, you only have to pay for applications when needed with usage being scalable for your needs and adjusted at peak times.

Business Collaboration

Collaboration and communication between employees and with clients is essential for a successful business. Employees are now encouraged to work together, communicate well with clients and be easily accessible from many locations. Wi-Manx have the resources required to ensure a low-latency and high bandwidth connection for your business that will enhance your unified communications strategy – ensuring successful collaboration between your employees and with your clients.

High Availability

Connectivity is the key to success. However, a smooth, enjoyable and consistent customer experience is vital. If your customers are not happy, then your business is ultimately failing. If your customers can’t get in touch with you via their preferred method, they will most likely turn to your competitor. Your fibre optic service should have built layers of redundancy within its network – ensuring that your business is constantly connected and resilient to outages.

One of the biggest reasons that many start-ups fail is that they grow too fast and lack the infrastructure to sustain them. This is where a complete IT and telecoms solution comes in. We can provide scalable and tailored solutions to businesses that require the flexibility needed for continued growth. Get in touch today on 01624 663333 or email us on business@wimanx.com to talk to one of our employees about what we can do for you.