To Stay Or Not To Stay – That Is The Question On Many Lips

To Stay Or Not To Stay – That Is The Question On Many Lips

Stay At Home Or Go To Work?


It’s been a long time now since a lot of us have ventured much further than their front door other than to get essentials and as lockdown rules change and we are able to begin cautiously resuming some aspects of normal life, it’s hardly surprising that some of us feel a little bit worried about what lies ahead.

A common theme amongst hundreds of UK people surveyed at the weekend was that they are a bit fearful of leaving the house now that the restrictions are easing off but it’s important to remember it is OK to feel this.

We are now so used to the social distancing measures, that were designed to protect and make us feel safe, that as we are now being asked to make some changes back to a level of uncertainty it’s making some of us feel anxious. This is a very rational nervousness…. so, don’t fear if you are concerned!


What can you do if you are feeling a bit anxious?

  • Be kind to yourself – if you feel anxious or a bit concerned about leaving the house, remind yourself that’s a rational worry… don’t beat yourself up. We just need to get used to this new ‘easing off’ and that may take a bit more time.
  • Go back outdoors in small steps – take baby steps, go out for a little bit and head somewhere you know won’t be busy. A quick walk around the block at the end of the day or an early morning walk when no one else is about.  Each day, do a little bit more, walking past the supermarket until your happy going in and standing in a queue.  Planning the steps with a timescale will help you manage your anxiety.
  • Think about what you can control – you can choose your positioning on the pavement and if you are worried about people not social distancing at the shops, then you can be assertive and tell people to keep their distance or choose to go at a quieter time. Both are within your control and if you keep a focus on those things you will start to find it helps.
  • Focus on other things when you are outside – grounding techniques will help a great deal – focusing on what you can see, hear and concentrating on it. Listen to music or a podcast can also be helpful.
  • Look after yourself – sometimes easier said, but if you are eating well, sleeping well, getting fresh air and a bit of exercise and staying connected to people virtually it will help your mental resilience.
  • Talk it out – some friends and family may feel the same way and even if they don’t, they’ll understand your concerns. There’s always help available and you may be able to rely on them for not only comfort but to do some things you’re not comfortable with at the moment.

For more information about staying safe as lock-down eases please check this article

The most important message is if you are anxious about going out, sending your children to school, worried about your family catching the virus or what will happen next…. it is normal and you are not on your own.  Just because we are two months in, doesn’t mean we are all happily used to the situation and have lost our initial worries.

For many of us, there are new worries even though we know things are changing for the better. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through this together, just the same as we have helped each other through lockdown we can do the same as we return to a bit more normality.

My opinion – choose the path that makes you feel comfortable. As things improve day by day those decisions become much easier and we will be back to normal before you know it!

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