Never miss a call again with Bria Enterprise

Never miss a call again with Bria Enterprise

With more people redefining their typical working day, why tie your company phone system to just one location? Make and take company calls and video conferences any time, any place and anywhere with our desktop and mobile softphone application.

Bria Enterprise allows employees to access your company phone system from any location, using any device- all that’s needed is an internet connection. Our softphone communication system makes working remotely easy, affording your employees greater flexibility whilst maintaining maximum productivity.


Integrating effortlessly into our hosted PBX phone system, Bria Enterprise allows you to receive and make calls remotely using VoIP services. Bria will automatically redirect any company calls to a chosen device, allowing your business to function as normal from any location. With a user-friendly interface and integrated contacts, Bria makes it easy to manage calls and communications, allowing your employees to continue working remotely in the event of illness, bad weather or unexpected circumstances. Indeed, our cloud-based communications systems deliver guaranteed disaster recovery and business continuity, ensuring your business can keep going no matter what.

Any device

Our desktop and mobile softphone application can be downloaded onto any device, meaning calls, video conferences and communications can take place via smartphone or laptop. Bria Mobile is compatible with both IOS and Android handsets whilst Bria desktop can be run on both Windows and Mac. Whether employees are using company equipment or their own devices, Bria Enterprise is compatible with all. Having Bria downloaded on a portable device means that important calls and communications can be answered on the go, improving your company response time and internal productivity.  With robust call-control features such as call monitoring, holding and transferring, you can have all the benefits of your company phone system in the palm of your hand.

Team communication

When working remotely, team communication is more important than ever. Bria Business helps to connect you and your employees, allowing team meetings or conference calls to take place across several separate locations. With this function in mind, Bria Business can be downloaded on up to 4 different devices including smartphones and laptops for those working remotely. Our softphone application includes a number of functions designed to improve internal communication such as advanced messaging, screen sharing, and multi-party audio & video conferencing. These features help to bring your company together, improving team communication and encouraging the exchange of ideas.

Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean you’re working alone. Bria Business can function as a central hub for all employees, whether they’re at the office or at home, helping you to turn your workforce into one cohesive team.

As the Island’s only locally-owned telecoms company, we are committed to supporting local Manx businesses no matter what. For more information on how Bria can help to keep your company connected, please read more about our Bria business solution.

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