Jason Spooner Appointed to Wi-Manx Director of Commercial Services

Jason Spooner Appointed to Wi-Manx Director of Commercial Services

Wi-Manx is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Spooner to Director of Commercial Services.

Jason first joined Wi-Manx in April 2018 as a Corporate Account Manager, bringing his sales experience of over 30 years into the company. His range of expertise includes sales, full product lifecycle, infrastructure, datacentres, security and relationship management.

Commenting on his new role, he said, “As Director of Commercial Services, I’m going to focus on how Wi-Manx can continue achieving growth with new and refreshed products and services, using the expert teams we have in-house to make that happen.”

Jason Spooner

Wi-Manx has always strived to be a new, innovative company since launching in 2004, selling products, services and technology solutions that can sustain real, tangible benefits for our customers.

When discussing the importance of establishing a culture that’s unique to Wi-Manx, Jason said, “I enjoy working here and I really like the atmosphere. I want to see Wi-Manx continue to grow, to make people aware of how good our culture is and to want to come to us. People hear about us and they like what they hear about us, so whatever I can do to help towards that.”

Jason explained how recent investments Wi-Manx has made have helped to develop a varied and strong portfolio of products, “Our investment and growth in the Elite Group that Wi-Manx is part of allows us to take advantage of the additional resources, experience and buying power to ensure that we can deliver quality, feature-rich and innovative solutions with real business benefits to our customers.”

He hopes that the culture of Wi-Manx, its values and expertise will come across to customers, both new and existing.  

“People have heard of us, our residential offering is second to none and we have made some really good business relationships, but we need improve communicating to the market what we offer, as many are not even aware that we own and operate our own datacentre – people are often surprised. We are strong in the market and have a strong portfolio of IT and telecoms solutions for businesses, plus we’ve got a phone system. We’ve got a lot to offer.”

Managing Director of Wi-Manx Tim Cass said, “From his initial appointment as corporate account manager Jason made an immediate impact bringing to bear the full breadth of his skills and experience. It was clear very early on that he had more to offer and I am delighted his appointment to director of commercial services brings these skills to our strategic planning and ambitious growth plans.”