ISDN to Hosted PBX: How Your Telecoms Provider Can Make Your Business More Agile

ISDN to Hosted PBX: How Your Telecoms Provider Can Make Your Business More Agile

Is it time to bring your business communications into the 21st century?

The world is a competitive place. In order to remain effective, businesses need to be able to identify and implement business opportunities wherever they see them.

Today, many businesses are striving to use digital communications technologies to enable their employees to work in a more agile and flexible fashion. Increased agility allows businesses to:

  • Better navigate changing and dynamic markets;
  • Ensure their employees are working to their potential;
  • And maintain excellent relationships with their customers and other relevant third

Legacy infrastructures and systems hinder business agility.

Take the ISDN – which uses the PSTN (that’s just the original telephone network) to transmit voice and other data. Though a fantastic innovation in its day, the ISDN uses essentially the same technology that Alexander Graham Bell used to make the very first telephone call in 1876. Because of the inherent constraints of this technology, the ISDN places hard limits on what businesses can and can’t do.

For example, the ISDN:

  • Makes adding additional capacity costly and time- consuming, which prevents businesses from being able to scale their communications in line with changing needs;
  • Cannot support new, highly beneficial functionalities such as remote working;
  • And allows communications costs to rise quickly due to an inherent lack of cost

Because of issues such as these, it has been announced that the ISDN will be shut down on the Isle of Man in 2020.

In the UK, BT have announced similar measures – and most other developed countries are aiming to move away from traditional telephony within the next decade at the latest.

Although the ISDN shutdown may seem like an unwanted and unnecessary development, it’s actually a business opportunity.

Those businesses which embrace the change early not only minimise the amount of disruption the ISDN shut down will cause them, they also equip their business with the tools needed to operate as effectively as possible in today’s digital landscape.

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