Adapting Your Telecoms for a Millennial Workforce

Adapting Your Telecoms for a Millennial Workforce

Millennials are the true digital generation, growing up with more screen time than any other generation before them.

They bring with them new ideas, new attitudes and new technologies.

Millennials have become the top recruitment target for organisations and industries, with experts predicting that by 2020, millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce.

Therefore, organisations looking to attract the top talent, should remain flexible to meet the needs of this up-and-coming workforce whose workplace wants include a prioritising of the work/life balance, flexible working and innovative technology.

Millennials are already noticeably changing the shape of the modern workplace and will continue to do so for years to come.


Simplify Your Communications

Millennials are attracted to organisations that utilise new and innovative technology to simplify their communications and in turn improve employee productivity. The modern workplace is becoming a place where people have little patience for riffling through files.

One way you can achieve a simplified and unified communications is with a hosted desktop solution.

Wi-Manx’s hosted desktop solution allows you to stream your desktop, along will all the documents and applications it contains – to almost any device.

By enabling staff to access their applications from one easy to access location, you are enabling your staff to be productive at any time, from any location.


Encourage Flexible Working

Known to reject the nine-five mentality, millennials are the most likely to want the option to work flexibly. Reports have shown that 70 percent wish they were offered the option from their current or previous employers.

The standard nine-five leaves employees with less time to enjoy hobbies or spend time with friends and family and it has been argued that working flexibly is better for employee motivation, mental wellbeing and productivity.

The demand for flexible working is increasing, and with this, so is the amount of companies beginning to offer it.

To achieve this, your business can adopt a single, cloud-based platform, which all employees can access from any location, on any device that is connected to the internet. Your flexibility as a business grows if you adopt cloud technology.

With studies showing that 74 percent of office workers believing working flexibly has boosted their productivity, it is no surprise that more companies are looking to adapt their technology and culture towards this.


Empower Employees

Companies that encourage employees to learn new skills and forge their own career path are the most likely to attract the best talent. By providing online training tools and resources, you can empower your employees and encourage them to enhance their skills.

Millennials want to work somewhere where they feel they are building on their skills, are able to progress and a place where they can express their ideas and creativity. Creating a work environment where this is possible, through culture and technology, is key to attracting and retaining strong and capable talent.


Flexibility with VoIP

By using a hosted telephone system, you can drive flexibility across your entire workforce and it will aid your business in recruiting millennials who value flexibility more than anything else.

Using VoIP means that your employees can continue to work at any time, from any location. Requiring that employees come into the office for every meeting could potentially be a non-starter. The only thing that millennials dislike more than a slow internet connection is tedious commuting.

Our hosted telephony system solutions can be tailored to your business and come with a range of features including: hot desking, conferencing, extension dialling, hunt groups, call park and retrieve, call forwarding, voicemail and more.


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