iPSP Case Study – Hosted Contact Centre and SIP

iPSP Case Study – Hosted Contact Centre and SIP

“Wi-Manx’s hosted contact centre came about because we were looking to gain more control over our outbound marketing campaigns. Rather than relying on legacy costly technology, we were looking for innovation to help us measure results and drive growth. Wi-Manx suggested a hosted contact centre platform to optimise our performance and once implemented we saw an immediate return on investment.

Shortly after this we were able to take advantage of Wi-Manx’s new SIP network creating a more resilient voice network for the business. A key move for the business was switching from traditional 01624 numbers to 033 UK non GEO numbers. This has resulted in reduced costs and increased responses from our UK based customers.”
John Beaty – Technology and Infrastructure Manager, iPSP.


iPSP provides business process outsourcing to a range of clients looking for efficient services within payroll. They serve over 2,000 end users and have 35 employees. iPSP have been trading for five years and pride themselves on a quick and efficient service, having built up a reputable brand with a leading team. With a head office in the Isle of Man, Wi-Manx were able to improve elements of their business communications and improve internal efficiencies.

The Challenge

iPSP is based in the Isle of Man, however their customers are off island. It’s for this reason an 01624 phone number was not a necessity and in some cases, was even detrimental to the growth of the business. Working with Wi-Manx allowed iPSP to seamlessly move away from an 01624 number which, being an offshore jurisdiction, can often have negative connotations. John explains:

“Presenting an 033 number removed any relation to our location and therefore eradicated the chance of people making the wrong assumption about the Isle of Man, before a conversation had even happened. The word ‘offshore’ sometimes puts people off so presenting numbers that weren’t 01624 was a benefit to us.”

The Solution

iPSP required a flexible solution, aiding multiple office locations to operate in “one” environment, whilst avoiding large capital expenditure costs. The business now runs out of 5 different offices and for iPSP to open a new office space it is 15% of the cost due to the scalability of the hosted contact centre.

In conjunction with the hosted platform, iPSP took advantage of a UK non GEO (033) number which are becoming more popular for island businesses who have customers outside of the Isle of Man. SIP is the technology used to route these calls and this platform provides further cost saving to iPSP as it uses voice over internet telephony.

John continued: “Hosted contact centre was a real stepping stone towards SIP for us because the systems were completely compatible and the benefits were perfect for our business type. As a Wi-Manx connectivity customer we were confident in the quality of calls carried over the SIP network especially since the roll out of the enhanced UK network. The alternative would have involved having multiple ISDN lines installed on a costly yet inflexible system.”

 The Results

Wi-Manx’s services help a multi-site business and its staff work together as if they were in ‘one’ office environment together. A hosted contact centre gave the company the freedom to scale up and down as and when needed and iPSP have benefited from the advanced functions SIP offers such as DR, call re-diverts and using the self-serve portal to move numbers to be delivered to different PBXs.

John says: “Being able to move away from an IOM number has given us the power to appeal to a wider client base while improving efficiencies within the business, so it has been a real win-win exercise for us.”