How to Create and Maximise A Virtual Workspace

How to Create and Maximise A Virtual Workspace

Desktop workplace hardware is dying a slow death. A survey conducted last year showed that only 42 percent of people asked worked at a desktop computer rather than a laptop. This decline over the past few years could be due to people demanding they work from devices as they roam, rather than being sat in one place for too long.

As the workplace becomes more mobile, technologies such as cloud based solutions and hosted desktop enable businesses to give staff more flexibility, centralise management and reduce overhead spend. We are, after all, already in the fourth industrial revolution, which means businesses have to keep on top of the latest computer innovations and data processes.

If you’re thinking of moving your business to a hosted desktop system, read these tips on how to create and maximise a virtual work space from almost anywhere:


Create A Flexible/Remote Work Environment

The advancement of computing technology has enabled people to access their work from anywhere in the world. No longer do we have to go to one fixed location to access our documents and apps. Instead we can click our way into virtual desktops and business software, wherever we are. At Wi-Manx, our state-of-the-art Isle of Man Datacentre hosts important documents, applications and data for many businesses – both national and international.

Remote working is becoming an ever more popular way for businesses to facilitate flexible working. It’s predicted that, by 2020, 50 percent of the UK workforce will be working remotely. Many employees benefit from and prefer this change. And, by moving your digital assets to a remote solution, you’ll likely see an increase in productivity – due to more flexible working styles and increased employee engagement.


Decrease Costs

You will save money by moving to a hosted desktop, since you will avoid capital spend on physical servers. This will save you paying for new hardware, servers and software licences which can all drain your money away. Data is managed at source, and fixed operating costs will mean that your business will decrease expenditure.


Improve Security

All businesses fear losing their data in the wires. With hosted desktop, this is incredibly unlikely, as the level of security surrounding your information will go up dramatically. By regularly backing up your data, consistently monitoring your solution for crashes and implementing the very best physical and digital security practices, you can be sure your data is safer than ever.


Maximise Scalability

By moving to a hosted desktop solution, you will be able to optimise the size of your business’ IT needs instantly – including scaling the number of workers up or down, increasing or decreasing storage and enabling and disabling applications. And, because our solutions are all custom-built, start-ups and small businesses will reap the benefits of tailoring IT solutions to their specific requirements, rather than forking out on extra money for unnecessary services.

In short, hosted desktop can adapt to the level of growth your business experiences, reducing risk of overspend.


Be an Environment-Conscious Workplace

Businesses are conscious of doing what they can to reduce the amount of carbon they emit. Switching to hosted desktop can help reduce Co2 emissions, due to centralised management, less dependence on physical infrastructure and more efficient power usage. Your desktop provider will upgrade your software direct from the datacentre. You’ll also be saving on electricity bills for powering servers and outdated software.


Encourage Collaboration

Communication between employees in any business is key. A survey conducted by the Financial Times found that 64 percent of employers said that the most important skill they looked for in prospective employees was teamwork. Having a quick and easy way to speak to people in different offices all over the world is a guaranteed way to enhance your business’ collaborative work ethic.


Be Reliable

The ability to stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week is now possible if you have an online presence. Businesses can access client data from remote servers with only an internet connection. Rest assured that all firewalls and support systems will be kept maintained to the highest level whatever the time of day, so that your security is never compromised.


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