How Cloud Based Communications Can Help Your Business Compete

How Cloud Based Communications Can Help Your Business Compete

Cloud technology has revolutionised the business communication landscape and has enabled small businesses to compete at a higher level by giving them access to enterprise-level technology without the expensive costs.

More and more businesses everyday are making the switch to cloud-based communications, such as transitioning to a hosted phone system and it is clear why. Modern communications show that the use of cloud technology is only going to become more prevalent in the workplace.

With almost half of IT spending being cloud based in 2018, there is no doubt that we can expect to see more and more businesses making the switch to cloud based communications in an effort keep up with the modern work environment and stay competitive in the market.

This article will look at the key benefits of cloud-based communications and how it can pave the way for new opportunities for small businesses:


Support Remote and Mobile Workers

Cloud-based communications are delivered via the internet, meaning that users can access their businesses phone system from any location, providing there is an internet connection. At a time when flexible working is at it’s highest, being able to support modern working culture and behaviour will put your business ahead of the rest, as well as attracting the top talent.

Studies have also shown that remote workers are more likely to feel more engaged with their work, compared to regular office-goers. Giving your employees the flexibility and resources to be able to work from their favourite coffee shop, on their commute or from home means that you will likely see increased productivity and a happier workforce.


Ability to Scale Up or Down

One of the most significant benefits of cloud communications is that it is inherently scalable, meaning it can facilitate the growth of your business. You can easily scale up (or down), without having to change any hardware as all changes are made through the internet.

Having the ability to seamlessly scale up and down means that you can focus on other important areas within your business, rather than worrying about changing the hardware of your phone systems, and the costs this may incur.


Project a Larger Image

A great thing about cloud-based communications is that they can help your business appear larger than it really is. This is not to say you should mislead your customer base; but using cloud communications mean that you can project a professional image usually associated with larger organisations.


Enterprise-Level Features at a Lower Cost

Traditionally, businesses would have to invest a significant amount of money for expensive hardware and infrastructure to host their system before they could enjoy features such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, hot desking, call screening etc. Any businesses today, no matter what size, can now enjoy these features by using communications that are delivered by the cloud.

Most cloud service providers will also make regular updates and enable new features and functions for their communications solutions. This means that you can entirely focus on how you are using the service, without having to worry about the maintenance and management of your service.


Promote Collaboration

Similar to the benefits involved with flexible working, cloud-based communications can facilitate and promote collaboration within your workforce by giving your employees the ability to communicate with each other at any time. Businesses and teams of any size can connect with each other using cloud-based communications.

For example, using a cloud-based file sharing system means anyone who has access to your solution can make amendments, update and upload documents, making the collaboration process seamless and more productive.


Create and Support a Truly Digital Workforce

Attracting upcoming and top talent in your industry means keeping up to date with technologies and changes to workplace culture. Millennials and Generation Z are generations that have grown up living and breathing digital technologies. Gen Z specifically has been living in a world of smartphones and free Wi-Fi for as long as they can remember.

Using a hosted phone system enables you to integrate your phone system with cloud-based apps. Using these apps can increase productivity and will largely be expected in the workplace by employees who use apps in their private lives in multiple ways.


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