Go for Gold With Our Mitel Solutions

Go for Gold With Our Mitel Solutions

Choose Wi-Manx for your Mitel solution and receive a Gold Partner experience.

As a Mitel Gold Partner and the Island’s only locally-owned supplier of Mitel solutions, Wi-Manx can create a bespoke Mitel package for your business. Why settle for any less than gold? With Wi-Manx, our award-winning, Mitel accredited engineers will take care of everything from installation, to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, ensuring you receive a gold standard customer experience for you and your business.  With our extensive range of products and services, Wi-Manx can create the perfect Mitel Solution no matter your business requirements.

MiVoice Office 250

MiVoice Office 250 is a hosted communication solution, designed to deliver a complete, unified phone system to small and medium sized businesses. This hybrid solution can support IP, analogue, digital and SIP devices, allowing you to integrate your existing telecoms infrastructure or add additional Mitel IP handsets. This range of compatibility allows you to control installation costs, reducing expenditure on new hardware, servers and software licenses, whilst building flexibility into the very heart of your business and allowing you to add additional seats or handsets as your business grows.

This flexibility means you can implement a single, unified communication solution across your entire organisation, integrating remote workers and multiple offices into one uniform system. MiVoice Office 250 can accommodate up to 250 users across 99 different locations using IP technology. Remote workers, hot deskers or on-the-go employees can log into their company system using an IP phone or a smart device and access their personalised set-up, address book and voicemail from anywhere.

With integrated productivity applications, MiVoice Office 250 contains all those enhanced call-control features for increased productivity including call recording, voice messaging, mobile twinning and integrated applications. If needed, you can add up to 8 people onto a call or use the Meet-Me function to schedule an audio conference with up to 20 separate parties. With the ability to integrate softphone applications into your hosted solution, you can give your team complete control over their telephony devices through their smartphone, tablet or laptop and allow them to collaborate efficiently with colleagues.

MiCloud Flex

With MiCloud Flex from Wi-Manx, you can equip your business with a hosted Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) environment. MiCloud Flex is all about flexibility and offers customisable options and integrated business applications so you can tailor your solution to your business needs. Mitel’s UCaaS solution allows you to equip your business with a bespoke communications environment without the stress of managing the system yourself, allowing you to focus less on the tech and get on with driving your business.

With MiCloud Flex, you can integrate all your communication tools on one unified platform, incorporating instant messaging, voice, video conferencing, advanced collaboration tools, contact centre solutions and hybrid network solutions. You can also integrate additional applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Google, and Lync / Skype for a truly unified communication experience. Implementing a single, unified portal across your entire business enables a consistent communication experience for remote workers and office workers alike, meaning your team can collaborate effectively no matter where they are.

With your UCaaS securely stored in the cloud, your employees can experience a uniform communications functionality whether they’re at the office, on the road or working from home. With your company information and voice calls now accessible via VoIP protocols, you can offer your employees greater flexibility, whilst maintaining optimum productivity.

Mitel Phone Manager

Mitel Phone Manager is a softphone application that can be downloaded on any device with an internet connection. This softphone application is designed to simplify day-to-day office communications, integrating call control features into a user-friendly communication platform so your employees have complete control over their telephony devices.

With the ability to download Mitel Phone Manager on a smartphone or laptop, your employees can work seamlessly from any location, with all the tools they need on one easy-to-use interface. With access to a comprehensive communication platform, which includes features such as instant messaging, softphones, voicemail and favourites contact information, your employees can collaborate efficiently across multiple sites.

MiContact Centre Business

MiContact Centre Business is an omnichannel customer management platform designed to enhance customer experience and improve consumer communications for businesses of all sizes. Offering multiple digital channels for customer contact, MiContact can help your business drive excellent customer service by ensuring operational efficiency.

With an in-built workflow designer, IVR, contact recording, quality monitoring, workforce scheduling, historical reporting and real-time dashboards, MiContact provides your business with all the tools you need to run an industry-leading customer experience centre. MiContact’s user-friendly interface allows for sophisticated interaction flows without complex programming.  With an intuitive administration interface, Mi Contact makes managing users across your entire business easy, so you can reduce deployment time and the need for technical IT involvement.

Allowing for instant collaboration between colleagues, MiContact helps to create a slicker customer experience, with questions resolved quickly for fewer transfers and call-backs. Using MiContact Centre Business, your employees can manage simultaneous interactions on a variety of channels via a web-based desktop or if integrated, an external system such as a CRM. With all relevant applications unified on one platform, your employees have everything they need at their fingertips, leading to a more productive workforce and a seamless customer experience.


MiCollab is a cloud-hosted solution that provides a collaborative workspace for you and your employees. Designed to facilitate effective communication, MiCollab unifies voice, video, messaging and web conferencing into one user-friendly app, encouraging effective collaboration and communication across your business.

These collaborative features allow your team to stay connected with their preferred method of communication, so your employees can instantly exchange ideas, knowledge and insights for effective teamwork and increased productivity. With multi-party audio and video conferencing options, you can arrange team meetings or one-to-ones without having to use a third-party provider-perfect for joining up multiple offices or remote workers and keeping them in the loop.

With MiCollab, you can also integrate other business applications such as Outlook, IBM Sametime and Google applications, so you can unify your communication tools into one streamlined productivity suite. With additional collaboration features including to-do lists, project assessment, progress tracking and content streaming, MiCollab allows you to manage workloads and projects effectively, whilst monitoring your team’s progress and productivity.

Why choose Wi-Manx for your Mitel solution?

Wi-Manx is uniquely position in the telecoms industry; we’ve built international connections on a local foundation. Part of Elite Group, Wi-Manx is a locally-owned telecoms company with premium partnerships across the industry. As a Mitel Gold Partner, you can be sure you’ll receive a gold standard customer experience and ongoing expert support. When you choose Wi-Manx for your Mitel solution, your business is not only supported by our award-winning team here on island, but also by the full might of our industry-leading knowledge and expertise at Elite Group.  

Choose Wi-Manx today and go for gold- your business deserves the best.

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