Flexible Working Works. Fact.

Flexible Working Works. Fact.

Flexible working is a genuine business opportunity.

Empowering employees and attracting and retaining the very best talent allows your business to be at its most creative, productive and profitable.

Driven by a workforce demanding a healthier work/life balance, growing digital and mobile maturity and the need for greater collaboration, the working world as we know it is changing.

We know that employees are happier if they can work remotely, and that companies which offer remote working have a 25 percent lower employee turnover than those who don’t.

So how prepared is your business for the workspace of the future?

In order to reap the rewards of flexible working, businesses need to equip themselves with technology that facilitates it. Equipping employees with the tools that they need to stay productive and efficient at all times – irrespective of location, time of day, or the device they use – is the key to flexible working.

So, how can businesses do this?

And it all begins with the hosted desktop.

What Is Hosted Desktop and How Does It Enable Flexible Working?

Hosted desktop is a cloud-based IT solution. Cloud computing is the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data – rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Hosted desktop is a service that allows businesses to carry out the majority of their computing using these remote servers. This means that authorised personnel can securely connect to their desktop – including all of the documents, programs and data they contain – from anywhere with an internet connection.

In essence, using hosted desktop, organisations are able to extend their business beyond their brick-and-mortar location. This makes it easy for businesses to offer flexible and remote working options. It also means that they are able to continue operating if employees are unable to get to the office (in the case of bad weather or mild illness, for example).

As well as improving employee engagement and safeguarding your business against disasters, hosted desktop offers a ream of additional benefits.

Unlock Meaningful Interactions 24/7

To an end user, a hosted virtual desktop looks no different to a traditional, physical desktopThe hosted desktop solution stores all operating systems, files, emails and applications in outsourced cloud data centres, which can be accessed through the internet on any device – from anywhere.

For Roxor Group, the premier bathroom suite and bathroom products manufacturer for the retail sector, we deployed a new hosted desktop solution across the entire group as part of a wider digital transformation project. Now their 200 staff, located across ten companies and five sites (including China & UAE) can access their central business systems easily day or night across the globe.

Lower Operations Costs

Lower operational costs are achieved by eliminating the need for costly hardware for each employee. Instead, employees can access the same desktop from any device in any location. Cost savings are made on on-going maintenance and support, and on initial investment and in-house servers. IT staff also save time as they no longer need to maintain onsite servers. In fact, research shows that by choosing a hosted desktop solution, businesses can reduce costs significantly, typically saving between 30 and 50 percent of their IT budgets over a four-year period after moving to a hosted solution.

Enhanced Cybersecurity and Business Continuity

By working with a hosted desktop provider, security is also enhanced as data can be handled and monitored by experts rather than by an individual within the organisation. A good hosted desktop provider will perform regular backups of your data and will store your data in a highly secure, professionally managed server. This also means your business will have proper disaster recovery procedures in place can get back to normal almost immediately following any data loss or outage.

Improved Governance and Simple Licensing

Financial compliance regulations and GDPR require businesses know where their data is at all times. A hosted desktop solution allows you to have greater control of your data. With all data residing in a secure cloud platform and monitored by a provider such as Wi-Manx, you can be sure of meeting all your compliance requirements.  Licensing is also made simpler because your provider will take on the responsibility of making sure everyone has the right software licenses in place.

Wi-Manx is a certified partner of Microsoft, Citrix Systems and VMware and has very close relationships with industry experts putting us at the forefront of cutting-edge, hosted desktop technology. Our powerful and scalable hosted desktop solutions will increase your productivity, reduce your overheads and build flexibility into your business.


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