Professional E-Gaming Solutions backed by Expert Support

Professional E-Gaming Solutions backed by Expert Support

Unify Your Communications with Wi-Manx

Fast, resilient, scalable and dynamic connectivity is crucial to operating an efficient business in the gaming and tech sectors.

As hosting and networking experts, we own and operate our own low latency core Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, which provides extensive coverage by leveraging six datacentre locations across the UK and Isle of Man.

The network provides an affordable, highly secure and reliable ethernet connection for geographically dispersed small, medium and large businesses, and offers them with the opportunity to unify all their communication needs on one platform.

Businesses can choose from a range of connectivity options for each of their sites and can specify a bespoke MPLS network scaled to their needs. The network supports voice, internet, cloud and WAN.

Businesses using MPLS will benefit from a dedicated, guaranteed Quality of Service enabled bandwidth and performance over Wi-Manx’s core network; this is backed by industry-leading SLAs as well as automated protection of circuits from core MPLS link and router failures – which ensure optimum network performance and reduce business downtime.

State of the Art Award-Winning Support

For businesses operating in the gaming and tech industries, having their services supported by state-of-the-art hardware is incredibly important. At the same time, having expert customer service and support in place is equally critical.

Gaming businesses depend on their data and networking solutions to remain operational. So, it’s perfectly reasonable for them to expect very few issues to arise – and, if they do, for them to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, no data or networking solution is immune to problems.

As a responsible datacentre and networking services provider, we not only ensure our customers benefit from a state-of-the-art datacentre, but are also committed to resolving any problems as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption.

This responsibility falls on our Douglas-based award-winning technical support team. Trained to 3rd-line standards and given comprehensive training on each of the Wi-Manx products, our team possesses both the knowledge and the experience to ensure that any technical enquiries are dealt with as quickly as possible.

The Wi-Manx team treat every issue as an individual case, never use scripts and respond to any issues within its agreed services level agreement times.

Any company’s reputation hinges on how they treat their customers. By putting customer service and first-class support at the very heart of our business, we have proven that we are able to provide personal, professional, expert support.