Connectivity Matters: An Invitation to Join Us

Connectivity Matters: An Invitation to Join Us

Where once it was herring and Loaghtans, today it’s areas such as eGaming, high-tech manufacturing, space commerce and film production that are driving the Manx economy. Now in its twenty-sixth year of continuous growth, the Isle of Man economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe – and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

A modern economy needs to be underpinned by a supportive government, progressive financial regulation and up-to-the-minute technology. As specialists in the latter, we have designed our Converged Connectivity service specifically to meet the technological needs of today’s Manx businesses.

Converged Connectivity allows businesses to use a single network to access multiple communications and data services. Typically, these services each require a separate network; Converged Connectivity brings everything under one roof, making it an inherently cost-effective and manageable solution.

Incorporating internet, voice, security, back-up, MPLS, cloud services and co-location, Converged Connectivity provides more value per megabyte and is a viable alternative to legacy telecoms infrastructure. With a single Wi-Manx connection, Island businesses can now enjoy a truly comprehensive service as well as access to our award-winning technical support team.

Working with local property managers, we have created several Converged Connectivity Business Hubs. These allow smaller companies to benefit from the service and are ideal for multi-business occupancies. Scalable by design, the solution will grow and adapt whenever a business requires it to.

Recently, we have added a new Business Hub to the Converged Connectivity network – St James’s Chambers on Athol Street. This brings the total number of Business Hubs up to eight.

To celebrate, we are organising a networking event at St James’s Chambers. Throughout the evening there will be presentations around topics related to Converged Connectivity, as well as (of course!) plenty of drinks and nibbles.

The event will be aimed at anyone looking to learn more about connectivity and cloud services. If that sounds like you, we’d love to see you there. For more information, email or