Circuit Breaker Lockdown Update

Circuit Breaker Lockdown Update

From 12.01am Thursday 7th January, the Island will be entering into a 21-day circuit breaker lockdown to help curb the recent spread of COVID-19 in the community.  

In line with the new restrictions, all Wi-Manx employees will be working from home over the 3-week period. It’s certainly not the best way to start the new year but we’re confident that our community will once again come together to support one another and keep each other safe. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again! 

With the island’s residents spending more time at home over the next three weeks, we understand that home broadband and connectivity has never been more important. Whether you’re working from home, keeping in touch with family and friends or streaming your favourite shows, we’d like to assure all our residential customers that it’s business as usual here aWi-Manx; we’re here to provide expert connectivity support, ensuring the island stays connected whilst staying safe at home.  

If you have any connectivity or home broadband queries whilst the Island is in lockdown, you can reach our tech team on 641188 or email us at 

Stay home and stay safe!