A Guide to Working Effectively at Home

A Guide to Working Effectively at Home

Working from home is vastly becoming the norm, as the internet has grown and developed over the last 20 years, it’s made it possible for people to work remotely from pretty much anywhere with a strong Wi-Fi connection.

The average number of home workers in Britain last year stood at 4 million. This is expected to grow rapidly over the next two years, with some claiming that half of the British workforce could work from home.

Effective home working depends largely on a good internet connection, so choosing what type of broadband will suit your home is a decision which will require factoring in many things, such as cost, working hours and location.

Whether you already work from home or are thinking of starting to, read our advice on how to stay productive and keep the procrastination demons away.


Have a Dedicated Work Space

Consider making a conscious effort to set-up a dedicated work space, even if it’s just a table and chair in a spare room or a space in the hallway.

‘Garden shed’ offices and conservatories are becoming more popular, as these separate home from work – even if merely by a few metres. However, if you don’t have a garden, try to tidy up an area where there’s less chance of you getting distracted.


Control Social Media Browsing

Nowadays it’s all too easy to scroll through Instagram or Facebook feeds and, before you know it, you’ve spent a good hour procrastinating and avoiding the workload you’re due to finish by the end of the day.

Restrict the amount of time you spend on social media (unless you use it for work) by scheduling time outside of work hours such as breakfast, lunch and after work hours to browse.

If you need a strict incentive, using apps such as Freedom or Stay Focused can block sites of your choosing for any period of time you select. You can even disable notifications manually on your phone or desktop in your browser settings.


Schedule Work Hours and Breaks

The flexibility of working from home allows you to work whenever you want. You’ll probably find you work better at certain times of the day, so it’s helpful to establish what time of the day or night you’re most productive.

Setting your alarm early enough at the start of the day and giving yourself reminders to have regular breaks will prove more effective than working solidly without a rest – research has found that people work for an average of 52 minutes and break for 17 minutes.


Structure Your Days with a Project Management Tool

To keep yourself on track, using a project management tool such as Asana or Teamwork can really help guide you to complete tasks set on time and prioritise those which are most important.

Even if you’re the only person working on a job, seeing your projects progress in a visual way will push you onward, promote self-discipline and give you the motivation to keep going when you’re feeling unproductive.


Remember to Take Downtime

Being your own boss and working from home can blur the lines between work-mode and home-mode. By setting routine work hours and using your time constructively during them, you will have more time to relax at the end of the day and separate work from home in your mind’s eye.


Get Affordable and Flexible Broadband

No matter what kind of industry you work in, it makes sense to buy a home broadband package which is flexible and affordable.

Wi-Manx offers PlusTalk Home Broadband, which combines internet speeds with VoIP telephony – a technology which uses the internet rather than the PSTN to connect calls, meaning you can speak to colleagues and clients without having to worry about your phone bill or changing your number.

Hosted Desktop is ideal if you need data stored remotely via cloud. It has a personalised and fully-managed Windows Desktop for every user and accessible on almost any device. All software application updates and upgrades are taken care of and all Microsoft software licences are included.

Hosted PBX has flexible features such as call recordings and logs so you can manage daily, weekly and monthly calls. Extension dialling enables easy transfers between agents and internal office dialling.

PlusTalk includes several fibre broadband options, such as VDSL Velocity or Velocity Superplus. These give you more email addresses, and depending on your location, improve download and upload speeds – essential in numerous types of work-from-home situations such as conferencing and file sharing.



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