7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Hosted Desktop

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Hosted Desktop

More and more businesses are opting for a hosted desktop solution, and it is easy to see why.

Going hosted brings many business benefits and in this article, we will go through seven of them. But before we get started, it might be worth explaining what hosted desktop actually is.

Hosted desktop uses cloud computing to provide access to your business applications from any location with an Internet connection. This means that whatever documents, software packages, apps and processes your employees need to do their job can be accessed from anywhere – freeing them up to work from different locations, providing work flexibly and supporting business continuity planning.

Below are the top reasons why we believe businesses should consider a hosted desktop solution:


1. Improved Security

Security is a major concern for business that are considering a hosted desktop solution. But, in truth, hosted desktop improves security rather than compromising it. Wi-Manx will perform regular back-ups of your data (ensuring your business can continue operating in the event of any disasters) and we will store your data on a highly secure server, located in the Isle of Man.

In our own datacentres, we maintain servers to the very highest standards (including ISO 27001), with 24/7 monitoring, climate control and the use of robust, corporate-level physical and cyber security measures.


2. Save Costs

According to research company Gartner, the annual cost of an unmanaged fixed desktop or laptop, including licenses and support, is around £3,880 per year. In fact, 80 percent of IT costs occur after hardware is initially purchased.

By choosing a hosted desktop solution, you can significantly reduce these costs, with companies saving between 30 and 50 percent of their IT budgets over a four year period after moving to a hosted solution.


3. Better Cash Flow

Moving to a hosted desktop solution also makes it possible for businesses to avoid the capital ‘shock’ associated with physical computers. As you will only be paying for what you use, companies can improve their overall cash flow and manage budgeting.


4. Scalability

Previously, businesses expecting significant growth would be required to invest in servers capable of handling much more than their initial requirements. For start-ups and small businesses, it can be hard to determine growth rates and accommodating for this can be risky and expensive.

A hosted solution will allow you to scale up rapidly in tandem with your growth. This way, you will never pay for more than you use or need, and the risks associated with growth can be eliminated or significantly reduced.


5. Increased Productivity

Hosted desktop facilitates seamless working from any connected location. This means that employees that are on the move such as salespeople and those working out of hours can continue working just as efficiently as they could if they were sat at their desk.

Businesses that go hosted often enjoy increased staff productivity levels as well as more engaged, happier staff – who benefit from the increased flexibility that hosted desktop offers.


6. Remote Working

If you are looking to adopt a flexible working culture within your company, a hosted desktop solution is for you. Studies have shown that remote workers were more likely to feel engaged with their work, compared to regular officer-goers.

Giving your employees the ability to work from home, work from their favourite coffee shop, check emails during the morning commute or hold a meeting from any location means that you will likely see increased productivity and engagement among your workforce.


7. Environmentally Friendly

Today, it is important that businesses take responsibility for their environmental impact. There is no doubt that the climate is changing, and it is critical that we do our bit to slow down, and, hopefully, reverse those changes.

Hosted desktop solutions significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional desktop solutions.


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