Migration Authorisation Code

Want to switch your broadband to Wi-Manx? You’ll need a MAC!

What is a MAC?

A Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) is a unique code that provides important information about your internet connection. When a customer wishes to migrate their broadband service, they need to obtain a MAC from their current provider. This is then supplied to their new provider to ensure that any disruption to their service is kept to a minimum.

Code of Practice

Launched in 2014, the MAC Code of Practice for switching Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) aims to give consumers an efficient and secure process for switching providers.

Designed and agreed by local ISPs and the Isle of Man Communications Commission, the Code of Practice is completely voluntary – though all local DSL providers have opted in.

Looking to Move My Broadband Service to Wi-Manx

Happy to have you! To move to Wi-Manx, you will first need to contact your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) and request your MAC. Remember, the MAC can only be provided to the account holder. Once you have your MAC, all you need to do is call us on 641 188 – one of our team members will be happy to talk you through the rest of the process.

If you’re with Manx Telecom, you can request your MAC using the following link: http://mac.manxtelecom.com/ (the form is right at the bottom of the page).

If you’re with Sure, you can request your MAC using this link: https://web.sure.com/isleofman/mac/request-a-mac

Looking to Move My Broadband Service from Wi-Manx

Sorry to see you go. In order to obtain your MAC, please complete the form below. The information requested will be used as an identity check – this means that your telephone number is required.

For security reasons, we will send you MAC by post to your account’s registered address.