Young People Get Career Ready with Wi-Manx

Young People Get Career Ready with Wi-Manx

Wi-Manx have partnered with Career Ready IOM to help prepare young people for the world of work. The Career Ready IOM programme has been running since 2014, and aims to close the skills gap in key Island sectors – including IT and tech.

One of the most critical elements of the Careers Ready programme is a 4-6 week paid internship. These internships afford young people the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain valuable hands-on experience.

Wi-Manx have partnered with Career Ready IOM to help prepare young people for the world of work.

Jay Waters and Richard Sum

This is how we first met Jay Waters. Jay undertook his Career Ready internship with Wi-Manx during August 2016. We tried to give Jay a broad range of experiences and the chance to see as many aspects of the company as possible – from manning the phones to removing and testing servers in the datacentre.

Jay took to the challenge with gusto, and quickly proved that he was a fast learner, a dedicated worker and serious about his future in IT.

In fact, we liked Jay so much, that, once he finished his A-levels, we offered him a full-time role! Commencing in July 2017, Jay is now a first line technical support engineer, and a key part of our support team. Today he is even mentoring his own Career Ready intern, Darragh Sayers.

Talking about the Careers Ready programme, Richard Sum, Technical Services Manager, said, “It is great to work with students – you get to see them really come on. They bring fresh ideas and we also get first pick of the talented and young job pool!”

It’s no secret that the Isle of Man faces a skills shortage. There are many exciting developments occurring on the Island in the IT and tech sectors; but a lack of easily accessible talent threatens to stymie this growth.

Programmes such as Career Ready are a brilliant way to help plug the talent gap. They offer young people an opportunity to gain new skills and experience, and provide businesses with a way to meet potential new recruits and develop talent pipelines.

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