Keep an Eye Out for Us at Tough Mann!

Keep an Eye Out for Us at Tough Mann!

The Wi-Manx team aren’t ones for shying away from a challenge. That’s why we’ve signed up for the Tough Mann Adventure Challenge – again!

For those unfamiliar with the event, Tough Mann is held every August in Ballaugh, and involves a 10k or 20k off-road run broken up by 25 tricky obstacles, including monkey bars, ice pits, climbing frames and mud, lots and lots of mud.

We’re looking to better our 2016 time (which shouldn’t be too hard) and show the Island what the Wi-Manx crew are capable of. The 2017 team, The Wi-Manx Massive, will feature Richard Sum, Tim McDade and Peter Marshall.

Though the boys claim to be training hard, we’ve not seen much evidence of that so far. So, while we’re hoping for a great result, we’ll be just as happy to watch the lads get soaked, muddy and generally uncomfortable.

If you’re planning to watch the event, or are competing yourself, keep an eye out for our team – they’ll be easily identifiable by their Wi-Manx T-shirts and fearful expressions.

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