Why Customer Service Is at The Heart of Wi-Manx

Why Customer Service Is at The Heart of Wi-Manx

When it comes to customer service, telecoms companies and broadband providers have got a bad rep. In fact, following a review last month, Ofcom ordered the UK telecoms industry to “up its game” on customer service, stating that it wanted “consistency and excellence” to become the norm.

It’s not surprising that people get angry when their telecoms and broadband issues aren’t dealt with promptly – we rely on internet for pretty much everything, from shopping and entertainment to socialising and work. When things go wrong, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect your issue to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Wi-manx customer servic facts

Unfortunately, in the UK this is often not the case – on average, almost half of broadband and mobile customers (44 percent and 43 percent respectively) claim to be unhappy with compliant handling. That’s an astounding figure!

But we’re not a UK company. We’re a Manx one. And were proud of that fact.

As a local provider, we’re committed to resolving any customer problems as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption. All enquiries and issues are dealt with by our Douglas-based technical support team, whether that’s getting some help setting up your router or establishing a hosted contact centre.

The Isle of Man is a small community. That means our reputation hinges on how we treat our customers. We’ve put customer service at the very heart of our business. Whether you’re a business or residential customer, you can rely on us to provide personal, professional, expert support. It’s what we do.

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