Event: Prevent Insider Threats

Event: Prevent Insider Threats

Insider ThreatsWe are pleased to bring you another Island first, partnered with Varonis – experts in Data Governance and Insider Threat Management.

Please join us for our ‘Tactics to Prevent Insider Threats’ event. Tuesday 21st July at Portofino restaurant (Douglas) from 12 – 1:30pm.

Read the headlines – another day, another data breach. In 2014 US retailer Target lost 40,000,000 records in a breach that cost them £95 million! They had lots of tools watching the perimeter but fell short when it came to securing insider access.

Protecting against insider threats, whether malicious or accidental, is extremely difficult, especially when 71% of employees say that they have access to information they aren’t supposed to see. Don’t let your organisation become another data breach headline.

At our event you will learn 6 tactics for preventing insider threats.

Alongside some simple steps that will help you mitigate internal risks, we’ll also show you how to:

  • Lockdown exposed sensitive data
  • Restrict accounts with excess permissions
  • Analyse accounts with suspicious activity
  • Alert on privilege escalation
  • Detect CryptoLocker and other malware
  • Find unneeded accounts and groups

To find out the impact these technologies could have on your business, simply contact us using the contact details at the top of the page.


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