Wi-Manx Plans to Bring New Era of Communication to the Isle of Man

Wi-Manx Plans to Bring New Era of Communication to the Isle of Man

Isle of Man, September 2014 – As part of the first step in providing Islanders with enhanced communications solutions, Douglas-based Internet Service Provider, Wi-Manx has applied for a full telecoms licence.

While Wi-Manx is frequently ranked as one of fastest and most reliable broadband suppliers on the Isle of Man, the company is planning to excel further as part of a wider plan to bring new, cutting-edge technologies to the Isle of Man.

If successful in their application, the license will elevate the business to become a serious contender in the local communications market and become the only 100 per cent Manx-owned full service telecoms provider. The license will also enable Wi-Manx to extend its services from an internet services provider to a full service telecoms and unified communications provider offering fixed line voice services and next generation corporate solutions such as IP Telephony and SIP Trunking.

Wi-Manx explains,

“This is a very exciting time for the business, and for the Isle of Man, should the license amendment be approved. The positive implications for consumers and businesses will be endless.”

Wi-Manx continues,

“Aiming to deliver customer-centric solutions, this new era will open up the local market and allow for more competition in the telecoms arena. We’ve evolved a great deal over the last ten years, so our expansion to a full service telco which will serve the Island is a natural progression for us.”

“The approval of the license will give us the freedom to develop our product portfolio and further invest in our own IPv6 enabled network rather than relying on existing infrastructure, enabling us to improve service to Islanders for years to come.”

The communications commission will shortly be issuing a consultation on the matter. Following the consultation a ruling will be made on the application.

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