Wi-Manx Give Serviced Offices Ultra-High Speed Fibre Connection

Wi-Manx Give Serviced Offices Ultra-High Speed Fibre Connection

Wi-Manx have installed a superfast fibre connection into serviced office provider Dixcart’s flagship building Britannia House. A gateway for many new start-ups and tech firms fresh to the island, Dixcart has been responsible for attracting dozens of companies to the island creating jobs and generating tangible benefits to the local economy. The move will give Dixcart’s customers the chance to access next generation speeds as well as the ability to connect to UK sites via the Wi-Manx core MPLS network.

Wi-Manx, said of the rollout

“Dixcart share our view that high speed ubiquitous network access is a necessary tool for the modern connected economy. We are building out a fibre network with a minimum connection speed of 1Gbps and we’re proud to say Dixcart are the first to take advantage of this initiative. This service will bring genuine benefits and is one of many new disruptive services we will introduce into the marketplace.”

The installation comes with many benefits, including a flexible and scalable bandwidth setup giving Dixcart the power to carve up the connection between clients, offering speeds twice as fast as what clients have previously experienced.

Steve Corlett of Dixcart said:

“It’s very generous of Wi-Manx to provide us with this superfast connection. It gives us a strong proposition and competitive edge while providing our customers with world class technology, ensuring their businesses have the facilities to not only succeed, but to be the best in their field. The flexibility of this solution and the speed that we can provision dedicated bandwidth to Dixcart Business Centre clients fits perfectly with our needs.”

WiManx give serviced offers an ultra-high speed fibre internet connectionCatering to businesses in a range of different industries, Wi-Manx have ambitious plans to offer this kind of connectivity around the central business district due to the high level of interest shown by local businesses and building owners.  The service is a true next generation service, supporting IPv4 and IPv6 support, voice and a range of flexible WAN and managed services.

Fabienne Favray of TBS Internet, a tech firm and existing client of Dixcart went on to say

“Wi-Manx are known for their cutting edge solutions and this offering is a key demonstration of their ahead of the curve approach to business connectivity. As a technology company we understand the value of this new solution and feel lucky to benefit from the service.”

Wi-Manx will be installing superfast fibre connections throughout Douglas in the coming months. To learn how your business will benefit from an ultra-high speed fibre connection or to find out more about the service, email business@wimanx.com or contact 641188.

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