Colocation Series #1

Colocation Series #1

Colocation is a service that enables you to securely host your important ICT equipment in a reliable and highly available datacentre environment. Datacentres are facilities that can cater for the most demanding of ICT environments. Datacentre facilities typically feature high capacity cooling and power systems, security and access controls, a high capacity network backbone and a team of trained technical staff available 24/7.

Servers, storage devices and network equipment are the typical types of equipment hosted in a datacentre, usually housed in a rack or server cabinet (the terms are used interchangeably). These hosted systems then form the basis of a solution hosted on behalf of a customer.

Typical solutions include:

  • Website or Online Business
    Your hosted business could be a corporate website, online store, a dating, travel or booking website or a similar online business. The scale of the datacentre deployment will depend on the size of the operation, the customer base and the number of simultaneous customers or users of the systems.
  • Enterprise ICT Systems
    There is a growing trend to outsource the ICT operations or infrastructure of a business to a datacentre or hosting provider. Many companies find it more economical and reliable to relocate their on-premise systems and server-rooms to a hosted (datacentre) environment. Technologies such as Cloud and VDI have perhaps accelerated this trend.
  • Disaster Recovery
    It is considered best-practice to house replica systems and data away from your primary site. Many businesses choose to replicate their on-premise systems to a datacentre environment whilst those already using a datacentre will replicate their systems to a secondary datacentre provider for resilience. The Isle of Man has distinct advantages in regards to Disaster Recovery; Isle of Man datacentres are a popular choice for Disaster Recovery applications.
  • Bigdata / Analytics
    Businesses are amassing large amounts of data which could be from their LOB (line-of-business) applications, billing platforms or similar business systems. Big-data is a loosely used concept but, generally speaking, it can be described as a large amount of data or data-sets that require a new approach, in terms of platforms, architecture and systems to efficiently analyse or process. Big-data applications typically require powerful systems and servers, well suited to a datacentre environment.

Colocation Series

We will be writing a number of blog posts over the coming weeks to explain the various features and components that make up a colocation solution and what factors you should consider when selecting a colocation or datacentre provider.

The topics we will discuss include;

  • Rack Space and Colocation Options
  • Power & Cooling
  • Network & Connectivity
  • Security (Firewalls, IPS)
  • Managed Services (Monitoring, Management, Remote-Hands)
  • Load-Balancing

Wi-Manx is a provider of datacentre, hosting and colocation services in the Isle of Man. Wi-Manx operates the Heywood House Isle of Man datacentre with points of presence in both Manchester and London. Wi-Manx operates their own 10GE IP/MPLS network and has partner agreements with several global carriers that provides a truly global reach and a flexible range of network services.

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