NSA/Prism – An Opportunity for the Isle of Man

NSA/Prism – An Opportunity for the Isle of Man

The alleged Post-It note from an NSA Presentation

The recent events involving the American National Security Agency (NSA) emphasises the need for secure data storage, data encryption, data protection and a review of where your data assets are located. It also reaffirms the Isle of Man’s position as a trusted, stable and secure place to locate your key data assets.

Over the past few months, it has been alleged that the NSA is secretly spying on and intercepting communications destined for leading service providers and datacentres in the USA, such as Google and Yahoo. According to documents leaked by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, this type of activity has been occurring for some time and it is alleged even foreign governments are the victims of this surveillance. One such leak claims that in a 30 day period, the collectors had processed 181,280,466 new records, encompassing things like e-mails, text and video.

The activity is demonstrated from a slide alleged to have featured in a NSA presentation. It features a sketch on a post-it note showing how the Google Cloud is “exploited”. These revelations clearly demonstrate the need to carefully consider where your data and, just as importantly, your clients key data assets are located. You need to consider where the data is stored, how it is transported and does encryption feature end-to-end? This data could be your production or live data or the data that forms part of your disaster recovery plan.

Wi-Manx Post-It Note

Wi-Manx’s version of the infamous NSA post-it note.

Wi-Manx are finding a growing number of businesses across a broad range of verticals are now recognising the Isle of Man as a key jurisdiction for secure data storage, archiving, disaster recovery and other environments where data integrity, confidentiality and security is key. Our Isle of Man datacentre hosts a number of customers with dedicated servers, Cloud services or colocation/datacentre space. We have developed a range of products that can form part of your organisations BCP and DR plans, ensuring your key data assets are secured in the event of an outage or similar event.

Financial services, local authorities, education, banks, online travel and e-commerce firms, hosting providers, colocation and Cloud service providers all now realise that the Isle of Man is fast becoming the jurisdiction of choice for data storage and hosting needs. The Isle of Man meets all the technical and infrastructure criteria, has robust data protection laws and a stable and trusted legal framework; all resulting in an environment of trust and due process. Our Heywood House datacentre is one such Isle of Man datacentre built to cater for the growing demands of data storage, disaster recovery and Cloud services.

A common scenario is where customer data is transported over highly encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels between their networks and their secondary deployment in the datacentre. This military grade encryption protects against both tampering and surveillance. Some customers further opt for their data to be stored in a fully encrypted state, again making its unauthorised retrieval or decryption virtually impossible. The sort of data or systems a customer would typically store or replicate could be key line of business (LOB) systems, accounts applications, CRM, banking data, transactional and archive data or a fully fledged mirror image of their production systems.

If your business has a requirement for secure, trusted and highly available data storage, hosting or disaster recovery, please get in touch and a member of our team can talk through your requirements. You can e-mail us sales@wimanx.com or call +44 (0) 1624 641181

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