Heywood House Facility Specifications

Heywood House Facility Specifications

We’ve recently announced that our Heywood House data centre project is well underway. The aim was to build an energy efficient, world-class hosting facility on the Isle of Man – this would provide the necessary infrastructure to support our continued growth but also enable us to launch a new range of hosting products and services.   Whilst we wanted Heywood House to be somewhat of a green facility (with a low PUE), we haven’t compromised on the specification to achieve this level of efficiency.

We spent the best part of a year researching different facilities, varying approaches to data centre cooling, data centre case studies and we closely followed the progress of other datacentre developments in the UK, Ireland and further afield. This research, collaboration with leading equipment vendors – and a lengthly design  phase culminated in the blueprint for the current project.

Every part of the data centre will be made up of premium components, whether that be the generators, switchgear, the UPS systems, access control, lighting systems, cooling, cabinets or the power distribution systems – each and every component is, we believe – best in class. Heywood House should be one of the most modern facilities of its type on the Isle of Man, and it should be right up there with the best metro data centres in the UK.

A brief overview of the datacentre specification can be found below, in the coming days we’ll add some pictures to give you an insight into the project as it develops.

Facility Specification


  • Located in Douglas, the Isle of Man’s Capital
  • Minimum N+1 (some aspects 2N) redundancy on Generators, UPS, Power and Cooling systems
  • Phase 1 – 800KVA Capacity
  • 150 cabinet capacity (more with later phases)
  • Private room, cage, cabinet, part-cabinet and per-U level co-location and hosting options
  • Cabinet availability up to 48U
  • Raised floor throughout
  • Access to multiple telecoms carriers (ethernet, mpls, sdh)
  • High bandwidth, low-latency connectivity to Manchester, London and other UKIreland destinations.


  • Dedicated 1MVA Transformer
  • Heywood House has the facility for diverse power feeds from different sub-stationsrings
  • Dual 800KVA FG Wilson diesel generators
  • Multiple N+1 UPS systems
  • Fully diverse A+B rack supplies
  • Modern power distribution systems
  • Branch level circuit monitoring as standard
  • In-Rack outlet level monitoring


  • High capacity, energy efficient Free Cooling chiller systems
  • Latest generation of hybrid CRAC units (capable of DX and/or free-cooling operation)
  • Cold-Aisle containment systems
  • Raised floor void
  • In-Row cooling system capability

Network Connectivity

  • ADC Krone cabling infrastructure
  • Fibre cabling throughout
  • CAT6A copper cabling throughout
  • Diverse telecoms fibre connectivity to Manx-Telecom with routes to other carriers (BTC&W)
  • Access to multiple carriers (BT, C&W, E-llan Communications)
  • Availability and fast provisioning of high speed Ethernet (1 – 1Gbps+) and SDH circuits (STM4 – STM64)
  • Microwave Wireless links for fixed line resilience


  • CCTV Systems throughout
  • Multi-factor access control systems
  • Biometric cabinet level access-control options

Fire Suppression

  • VESDA Smoke detection throughout
  • IG55 Inergen Gas Suppression systems
  • Modern fire detection systems throughout

Energy Efficient

  • Free Cooling Chillers
  • Hybrid CRAC units (Capable of operation using DX or indirect free-cooling)
  • Cold-Aisle containment systems
  • Full power monitoring throughout (IT load, lighting, cooling, UPS, general power)
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Latest generation of energy efficient server systems and processors
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