Wi-Manx Telephone Numbers

UK Numbers

Wi-Manx offer a number of telephone number solutions for businesses in the UK that can provide a larger geographic presence from having a bespoke telephone number.

Chargeable 08 Numbers

Wi-Manx can provide a professional 08 number which means you make a profit each time a call is made to your business. Non-geographic 08 numbers are mainly associated with professional or larger companies and are also known as ‘revenue generating phone numbers.’

Chargeable Business 08 Numbers from Wi-Manx

Order of cheapest to call from the top

  • 0843
  • 0844
  • 0845
  • 0871/2/3
  • We also supply non-geographic chargeable 09 numbers

The cheapest 08 numbers for customers to call is a 0843 number. You can earn the most call revenue from 09 numbers which are therefore the most expensive. 09 numbers are usually associated with TV voting, horoscopes and competitions.

Wi-Manx can give you advice on a chargeable number for your business, including the preferred rates that can generate revenue whilst also keeping the customer in mind. However, nowadays, callers expect that there might be a charge when ringing certain lines or businesses, especially as there is now an obligation to make clear the cost of calling on any advertised or promotional material.

The cost of calling each number will vary depending on what telecoms provider the caller has. To get an idea of revenue costs, contact Wi-Manx today.

Important information

PhonepayPlus regulates and monitors phone-paid services in the UK and requires you to provide certain information to your customer on the cost of their call. You can find out more information at www.phonepayplus.org.uk or simply contact us for more information.

Freephone Telephone Numbers

Wi-Manx is a well-established Freephone number provider and can help you find the right number for your business needs. 0800 and 0808 numbers are well-known UK number ranges that are free for customers to call. A business that is looking to increase calls can benefit from either an 0800 or 0808 number. These phone numbers are particularly great for customer service and sales lines, as well as marketing campaigns to attract new customers.

This is an instant advantage if your competitors only offer phone numbers that incur a cost for callers.

01 and 02 Geographic Numbers

01 and 02 numbers are also referred to as geographic or UK virtual numbers. The cost to callers is the same as ringing from any fixed landline number. A Geo-Fix number from Wi-Manx enables businesses to appear local to any town or city in the UK; these are virtual 01/02 numbers that can point to any landline or mobile of your choice. Research has shown that 77% of callers prefer to call a local number that’s close to where we live, as they are more likely to trust a local source.
Customers think they are dialling an area code, but are in actual fact being rerouted to your call centre/location, or even mobile phone. It is the ideal solution for business looking to expand without moving or starting new offices
Low Cost 0333 Numbers

Due to the low cost of 0333 numbers for customers, they are becoming the most popular alternative to 0800 (Freephone) numbers. This type of number conceals any indication of area code or physical location whilst giving customers a low-cost alternative to other non-geographic sequences.

These numbers are also highly recognisable and easy to remember.

Non-Profit and Public Sector 0300

Typically 0300 numbers are reserved for public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations. These non-geographic numbers are cheaper for customers to call and add instant credibility to non-profit companies.
If you want to encourage people to call your organisation without the high costs typically associated with non-geographic numbers, then Wi-Manx can provide you with an 0300 number.