SIP Trunk Solutions

SIP Trunking

At Wi-Manx we offer our very own SIP trunking service, an alternative to ISDN lines; an enterprise quality voice solution for businesses.

Our SIP trunking solutions can both enhance your existing ISDN infrastructure allowing you to migrate away from costly, fixed architecture to virtual, scalable services. Our advanced technology allows you to route voice calls from both IP based and traditional PBX systems over your internet connection. These voice calls are converted to data packets, which are then carried across the Wi-Manx VoIP infrastructure. The call is then connected using our telecoms gateways based in London. Routing your calls via London allows Wi-Manx to take advantage of the competitive UK and European telecoms markets so we can pass these cost savings directly onto you.

If your business currently uses an IP based PBX then it is likely to be compatible with our service. If you use a legacy PBX or your current IP PBX does not support the SIP standard then ISDN gateways can be used. The ISDN gateway sits between your current PBX and the ISDN socket. Routing profiles are built on the gateway and calls are selectively routed over the VoIP infrastructure. In the event of a power or service failure, our SIP trunking service comes with resilient DR.



SIP trunks can deliver cheaper national and international calls as they are carried out over the IP network rather than the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).


Divert calls at the click of a button from a central control.


Uses trusted CLI and dedicated IP address; no calls can be made via your SIP trunks.


SIP traffic is controlled from a central location meaning calls can be automatically diverted should disaster strike.


Our SIP trunking solutions are geographically independent and scalable from 1 to 10,000 users. Once the SIP trunks are activated, it’s easy to scale up and down as you please – the perfect solution for fast growing or seasonal businesses

  • Uses an existing ISDN circuit. We have support for both BRI (2-channel), 2xBRI (4-channel) and PRI ISDN circuits (30-channel)
  • Having a trusted CLI and dedicated IP address ensures that no unauthorised calls can be made via your SIP trunks
  • Our SIP solutions allow for future business integration for video applications, Computer/Telephony Integration (CTI) and Instant Messenger services like Google + and Skype for Business
  • Our SIP trunking is provided over a dedicated managed Wi-Manx QOS connection