Hosted Contact Centre

Hosted Contact Centre

The Wi-Manx Hosted Contact Centre solution combines advanced cloud contact centre innovation and features with the resilience and scalability of having the support of BT’s core network; giving your business a greater operational performance. The solution delivers everything you need to run an inbound or outbound contact centre and unlike competitors, we do not charge extra for new channels, voice recording, phone based support or reporting, this is included for one cost effective price. With the Wi-Manx Hosted Contact Centre, agents only need a phone and browser to use it so workers can be located anywhere with an internet connection. Your organisation can walk away from big hardware, software and maintenance costs required for traditional call centre solutions.


Best in Class Customer Service

Deliver an outstanding customer experience with a range of advanced inbound and outbound capabilities such as sophisticated self-serve IVR, advanced call queuing, call recording, screen popping, scripting, real time wallboards and much more.

Operational Flexibility

With greater operational flexibility, your agents will be able to access the Hosted Contact

Centre from any location, all you need is a computer, phone and internet connection.

Real Time Control

With Wi-Manx HCC your Contact Centre Managers will be able to make real time changes to campaigns, reallocate agents or change IVRs. This means you can save money on third party fees and respond rapidly to market changes.

Maximum Uptime and Availability

Wi-Manx HCC offers guaranteed 99.999% availability and robust security measures to ensure your data is protected at all times. With built in DR Back-up with Auto failover, you do not have to worry about making sure your data is backed up; we do it for you.

Financial Clarity

Wi-Manx HCC delivers all the features you need to run a successful inbound or outbound call centre under one highly competitive licence price. You’ll receive financial clarity from day one and we won’t make you pay any extra for additional channels or reports.

Rapid Set Up

Wi-Manx HCC can be seamlessly implemented in hours, so you will quickly reap the benefits of new features, new channels to market and new commercial terms. With everything running from the cloud you won’t need any new hardware and all features are accessed via a secure, easy to use web portal.

Eliminate Expensive Upfront Costs

HCC is a true Software-as-a-Service offering that reduces or even eliminates the need for large-scale upfront investment. Take full advantage of all the latest innovations, without the expensive upgrade costs. It’s our investment, for your future.

Highly Scalable

Our Hosted Contact Centre can be easily scaled up or down by utilising the intuitive online dashboard, unlike on premise systems that often require timely hardware installations just to add new users.

A More Personal Service

With the cloud you can deliver a more personal service to clients because HCC allows the integration of different applications with the support ecosystem such as billing software, purchase order management, business reporting, analytics, and much more so your agents have everything they need to hand.

  • Sophisticated IVR
  • Skills based routing
  • Script builder
  • Smart queue-buster features
  • Automated call-back
  • Screen popping
  • Voice recording
  • Powerful predictive and preview dialler that incorporate lead management tools
  • Campaign and script editor capabilities
  • Supports voice, email, SMS, chat and social media
  • Reporting – multi-device real time, scheduled and historical
  • Disaster Recovery – real time response, elastic scalability, and work from anywhere