Business Telephony


Choosing a phone system for your business can be tricky and often time consuming. Wi-Manx can deliver a hosted telephone system with a wealth of enterprise features, delivering excellent value.

Why hosted telephony?

Hosted telephony offers unmatched flexibility, cost savings, scalability and a range of features simply not available on a traditional system. The system uses proven Voice over IP (VoIP) technology which allows you to make and receive phone calls in a secure manner from any location, using your internet connection. A rapid and seamless migration from a customer’s traditional system and phone lines is possible, with no disruption or change within your day-to-day working practices.


  • Reliable

    The system is housed in Wi-Manx’s state-of-the-art datacentre in Douglas which is underpinned by Wi-Manx’s next generation network. The facility has private connections to leading telecoms providers in the UK and Europe which delivers HD quality audio.

  • Easy to use

    Customers have complete control of their phone system through a web interface. You can manage every aspect of the system remotely including the setting up of extensions, voicemail, night service, call forwarding and much more.

  • Cost effective

    Another key advantage of the hosted platform is its cost effectiveness. When compared with a conventional setup, the system offers real ongoing savings and scalability with a low monthly charge that includes full access to the system. There are no expensive maintenance charges, upgrade fees or feature licenses.


  • Fantastic range of business class telephony features
  • Increase or decrease the amount of extensions required, totally scalable.
  • Can be managed remotely from a simple to use web interface
  • All extensions on the system can call each other free of charge
  • Low cost calls to UK and International destinations
  • All hosted in our secure and resilient datacentre.
  • Can move to another location seamlessly

Key features

  • Voice mail
  • Hunt groups
  • Reception menu
  • Agent queues
  • Conference rooms
  • Low cost calls
  • Call recording
  • Paging
  • Hot desking
  • Music on hold

Numbering solutions

The Wi-Manx VoIP platform can provide a genuine UK or European number that can route into your existing legacy PBX or IP PBX based system.

We have access to most UK Area codes (650+) in addition to telephone numbers in several European cities. These numbers can be provisioned instantly and you can begin receiving calls within a matter of minutes. Customers can provide their clients with a number in Belgium, Switzerland or Glasgow – all routed directly to the customer’s existing PBX.

Inbound calls are routed over the European Telecoms infrastructure and through your existing internet connection provided by Wi-Manx.

SIP Trunks

Our technology allows you to route voice calls from both IP based and traditional PBX systems over your internet connection. These voice calls are converted to data packets which are then carried across the Wi-Manx VoIP infrastructure. The call is then connected using our telecoms gateways based in London. The immediate benefits of SIP trunking are the cost savings. Routing calls via London allows Wi-Manx to take advantage of the competitive UK and European telecoms markets; these cost savings are then passed on to our customers.

If your business already uses an IP Based PBX then there is a good chance that it will be compatible with our service. If you use a legacy PBX or your current IP PBX doesn’t support the SIP standard then ISDN gateways can be used. The ISDN gateway sits between your current PBX and the ISDN Socket. Routing profiles are built on the gateway and calls are selectively routed out over the VoIP infrastructure. In the event of a power or service failure, calls continue to route out over your existing ISDN circuit. We have support for both BRI (2-channel), 2xBRI (4-channel) and PRI ISDN circuits (30-channel).

Least cost routing

Businesses with multiple offices often have different, isolated phone systems located in each office. Inter-office calls are commonly routed out using the local telecoms provider and are billed as National or International calls.

Wi-Manx offer a range of solutions that enable businesses with multiple offices to link all these disparate telephone systems onto a common IP platform. This platform will enable your business to route calls between offices for free, increase productivity, whilst calls remain both secure and of a high quality. With this system, calling someone in the Jersey office is as simple as dialling their local extension, likewise for London, Dublin or Hong Kong.

Our solutions work with both traditional, legacy PBX systems and also with the more modern VoIP based systems – from a variety of vendors.

Disaster recovery

The hosted PBX has many applications in relation to disaster recovery. Many businesses are required to implement a disaster recovery strategy which can be a challenge with on-premise telephone systems. A hosted PBX solution overcomes this challenge and can play an integral part of any DR strategy, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Experience the system

The transition from an on-premise phone system to a hosted solution is easier than you think. Isle of Man, UK and even International numbers can be incorporated into the system with minimal disruption to your business. We are so convinced that businesses will be impressed by the platform, the cost savings and the flexibility it delivers that we are happy to arrange a no obligation demo or trial for interested clients. The system is suited to every type of business, from SOHO to large enterprises.

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