PCI Compliant Call Recording

PCI Compliance

Wi-Manx offer fully compliant PCI call recording solutions that satisfy all criteria outlined in the PCI DSS and Financial Service Authority regulations. If your business takes calls over the internet our phone PCI compliance products are a must if you want to operate with the security, protection and assurance your business needs.

The Law

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) requires all financial companies to record and store telephone conversations. However, it is a violation of PCI DSS requirement 3.2 to store any sensitive authentication data, including card validation codes and values after authorisation, even if encrypted.

Should you be found to violate any of the requirements, the penalties could be enough to put you out of business. You would pay £15 per compromised card data, plus any costs rallied up. So for example; if you have 1.5m card details stolen you risk paying over 22m for card replacements, plus any fees incurred per card.

PCI Compliance Solutions from Wi-Manx

We offer CardGuard and CardGuard Pro to allow you to record all calls in line with the FSA and protect your customer data in line with the PCI DSS

Wi-Manx CardGuard

This enables your call recording to be automatically paused when payments are being taken. As soon as the agent gets to the payment screen the call recording will stop and then resume as the transaction completes. There is silence while the card details are taken and this can be skipped over on replay, meaning the issue is averted completely.

Wi-Manx CardGuard Pro

This product protects the reputation of your business, guarding both the customer and agent when completing card transactions on the phone. The customer inputs their card details using their phone’s keypad, not requiring any breaks in call recording. The information appears as a series of X’s on the call agent’s screen and any DMTF tones are silenced so they are not picked up and stored on the recording.


Expert Advice and Support 24/7/365


Resolve customer ‘security anxiety’; increase trust


Avoid high fines PCI DSS from a security breach


Combine PCI compliant call recording with intuitive IVR system


Prevent loss of credibility from any fraud or security breach

Our PCI Compliant solutions allow companies to record and store calls without revealing any sensitive card information.

  • Our PCI Compliant solutions allow companies to record and store calls without revealing any sensitive card information
  • They do not require you to manually pause the call recording to take customer details, as with other solutions
  • Wi-Manx CardGuard automatically pauses your call recording whilst a payment is made
  • Wi-Manx CardGuard Pro allows the caller to input their card details via their keypad keeping any information hidden from the agent or the call recording
  • Saves your business from fraud, high fines and loss of credibility
  • Avoid penalties which could be incurred from misused or stolen data
  • Increase trust from your customer; they know their details are safe
  • Improve caller experience through improved call handling
  • PCI compliant call recording solutions can also be combined with an intuitive IVR system so that your business can provide an automatic call journey for card payments and free up agent time

  • PCI DSS and FSA compliant
  • Automatic call pausing or ability to input details on phone keypad
  • Record all calls and still take sensitive card details
  • Can be combined with intuitive IVR system