A scalable metadata framework enabling organizations to keep pace with their data, manage access entitlements, audit access to files and emails, identify and involve data owners, and find and classify sensitive and critical data.

Varonis Data Governance

Data in organisations is out of control, and unstructured data accounts for 80% of business data, doubling in volume every 12-18 months. It encompasses documents, images, spreadsheets, emails, videos and audio files stored on servers, NAS devices and in semi-structured repositories.

Organisations form cross-functional teams that access fluid sets of digital resources. The increasing number of teams, combined with additional management and security requirements, cause the number of data containers to increase faster than the information. Each data set needs to be managed and protected effectively and efficiently through automation.

The Varonis Data Governance Suite provides organisations with the ability to keep pace with their data, manage access entitlements efficiently and effectively, audit access to every file and email event, identify and involve data owners and find and classify sensitive and business critical data. Varonis offers a comprehensive and effective solution for data governance, using a scalable and extensible metadata framework.

Varonis provides

  • Actionable intelligence about your data
  • Workflow that directly involves business users and data owners
  • Automation that reduces the burden on your organisation’s IT resources


Varonis provides a complete Metadata Framework™ and integrated product suite for the governance of unstructured and semi-structured data. With Varonis DatAdvantage for Windows, Exchange, Directory Services, SharePoint, and UNIX/Linux, DataPrivilege, and the Varonis IDU Classification Framework, IT administrators and data owners gain actionable intelligence, effective automation, and the ability to implement workflows that adhere to business policy. DatAdvantage provides critical intelligence to IT staff about who can access data, who is accessing data, who owns it, and where access to data can be easily reduced without affecting business process. DataPrivilege provides a configurable web-based interface for data owners, business users and IT administrators which automates entitlement reviews, access authorisations, and data policy enforcement—including ethical walls—and provides a complete audit trail of all governance activity.

Comprehensive Visibility

Varonis transforms your permissions management by providing complete, bi-directional visibility into the permissions of your file system infrastructure. Both NTFS and share permissions are displayed, organised, and aggregated. With Varonis®, IT administrators can quickly see data accessible to any user or group as well as the users and groups which have access to any folder, mailbox, public folder, or SharePoint site. Flag, tag and annotate your files, folders and sites to better track, analyse and report on users, groups and data.

Complete, Real-time Audit Data

Every file open, create, move, modify and delete, every access control and group membership change, and every email sent, received and opened is captured and recorded in an efficient, normalised database that is sortable and searchable. Detailed, data-driven reports can be easily created and provided automatically to data owners and IT administrators.

Automated Data Access Workflow Control

DataPrivilege automates data governance by providing a framework for users and data owners to be directly involved in the access review and authorisation workflows. Data owners can also create managed subfolders resulting in quicker, more secure collaboration. A configurable web interface for data owners, business users, and IT administrators automates data access requests, owner and IT authorisation of permissions, group changes (including distribution groups), automated entitlement reviews, and data policy enforcement (e.g. ethical walls). A complete audit trail ensures that data governance policies are in place and being adhered to.

The Varonis Metadata Framework

Varonis collects data from a variety of sources—users and groups from directory services, permissions from file, folder, public folder, mailbox and site access control lists, file and email access activity and sensitive content indicators from inspection of file contents and metadata.

The Varonis Metadata Framework™ non-intrusively collects this critical metadata, generates metadata where it is lacking, pre-processes it, normalises it, analyses it, stores it, and presents it to IT administrators in an interactive, dynamic interface. The Varonis Data Governance Suite will scale to present and future requirements using standard computing infrastructure, even as the number of functional relationships between metadata entries grows exponentially.

Fully Integrated Solutions

  • Fully Integrated Solutions
  • Varonis DatAdvantage for Windows
  • Varonis DatAdvantage for SharePoint
  • Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange
  • Varonis DatAdvantage for Directory Services
  • Varonis DatAdvantage for UNIX/Linux
  • Varonis DataPrivilege
  • Varonis IDU Classification Framework

Actionable Intelligence

  • Complete visibility into the users, groups, and folder permissions of file systems, SharePoint and Exchange
  • Detailed audit trail of every access event
  • Recommendations on where excess permissions can be removed and the ability to simulate changes without affecting production
  • Quickly and accurately classify sensitive and business critical data

Usable Workflow

  • Automate entitlement review and authorisation processes
  • Implement business policy across the data infastructure and guarantee regulatory compliance
  • Empower users and data owners to control access to their data

Reduction in IT burden

  • Immediate return on investment by reducing IT resources devoted to data governance
  • Automatically identify data owners and involve them in data governance processes
  • Data access approvals/revocations can be automatically committed to the file systems to enforce the entitlements