Wi-Manx Hybrid Back Up & Recovery

Backup & Recovery

Wi-Manx can allow you to recover the most critical applications and data in the cloud after any storage, systems or site failure, not just a natural disaster. Your business doesn’t need to ship brand new hardware or rebuild a machine from an image after any disaster and the most important part of our backup and recovery solution is that backup will take hours not days.

Wi-Manx HBRS gives your business a current virtual copy of any server, always on and ready to run when you need it. Our HRBS solution runs automatic tests daily, instead of rarely. Our IT team can perform any patch, software upgrade, P-to-V conversion and other tests on a virtual copy of the production server on the ‘Test Network’ within the Backup and Recovery appliance thereby reducing time and complexity of setting up separate test/dev environments.


From a single on-premise appliance and disaster recovery from an offsite location or a secure cloud.


Because your business has a virtual copy of your servers it only takes one click to recover.


Statistics show that most companies will experience a system downtime at least once a year. One hour of downtime costs a mid-sized enterprise c.£50,000 on an average and it takes around 30 hours for full data disaster recovery.


There are no monthly storage charges, so your costs remain the same, even if your data grows. You are notified well in advance of the maximum data capacity being reached and upgrade options are reviewed.


We guarantee that one-click on our simple console will cut over a single server or an entire environment in minutes.


The HBRS console is a simple web interface, with the primary appliance typically residing on the same site as your servers.

  • Our technical team will deploy a Backup and Recovery Appliance on your premise
  • You are protecting both physical and virtual servers against downtime.
  • Subsequently, a fully replicated environment can be deployed to our data centre for extra resiliency and to cover a full site outage. (See diagram at the bottom of the page.)
  • Elite HBRS is built to scale with a company’s needs in mind.
  • Customers are notified well before the maximum data capacity is reached and given options to upgrade to the next tier of service.

Q – How long will it take to get my critical applications running again after a disk, server, or site failure?

A – No more than a few minutes for any of these failures.

Q – How long will it take me to get to my data after a disk, server, or site failure?

A- Your data will be back to you after no more than a few minutes.

Q – How do you handle multi-server deployments?

A – Transparently and in parallel. Elite HBRS allows multiple recovery nodes to operate in parallel in times where multiple servers have gone down.

Q – How long will it take to deploy the solution?

A – Installation of the appliance and starting protection for multiple servers can be done in an hour.

Q – How much more will it cost if my data doubles?

A – There are no monthly storage charges, so your costs remain the same.

Q – What platforms are you running?

A – We support Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, both 32 and 64 bit editions. We also support Microsoft Small Business Server. Additionally, we support RHEL 5.6-6.3 and Oracle 5.8.