The Isle of Man provides the ideal environment for the most demanding of hosting applications.

Offshore Hosting


Hosting data is what we do. It just happens we’re offshore too. If you or your clients/customers would like to host their data offshore in a highly secure, world class data centre, speak to a member of our award winning service team today.

With our world class, enterprise datacentre located less than 100 miles away from the UK; off shore hosting with Wi-Manx couldn’t be more appealing. We ensure your data services are safe in case of a disaster and reduce expensive in-house IT costs at the same time.

Wi-Manx’s state-of-the-art, off shore data centre is ideal for the most demanding of hosting applications; based right in the heart of the Isle of Man, we are still part of the UK. Offshore hosting with us saves your business money while providing a first class, reliable technical support with award winning customer service.

Award winning service

Your business is able to increase your technology capabilities, carry out data back-up and disaster recovery while cutting expensive IT costs. Your business doesn’t need to use an in house IT team, we take care of your servers and applications from set-up and provide on-going, award winning customer support; meaning you are able to focus money and resources on other important aspects of your business. Always giving you the most up to date technology and services, we invest and upgrade so you don’t have to.

Peace of mind for your data services

Knowing that your data services are in the best hands possible is invaluable. Our resilient infrastructure with no single points of failure is just the tip of the iceberg, ISO 27001 certified, no reliance on a single ISP, 100% Service Level Guarantees on internet and power availability all add up to allow you to sit back, relax and know your data is safe.

Isle of Man, Where You Can

With low-latency connections to the UK and Ireland, and onwards towards the EU, US and Asia; the Isle of Man, is the perfect off shore hosting location; we have our own separate power grid, trusted government and e-business friendly legislation. Your data is safe on our shores.