Offshore Dedicated Servers

Your very own Wi-Manx offshore dedicated server platform, wherever you are in the world, allows you to have access to increased bandwidth, memory processing power and scalability as your business requires.

Offshore Dedicated Servers

Offering a range of high performance dedicated server packages; Wi-Manx can supply you with your very own offshore dedicated server platform wherever you are in the world. Have our resources and expert team devoted to you and your business.

A dedicated server from Wi-Manx allows you to have access to increased bandwidth, memory processing power and the flexibility to scale up and down as your business requires. We tailor the latest generation, enterprise class Supermicro server hardware with a range of options and specifications to your exact needs.

Premium features as standard

Our dedicated server solutions come with a range of premium features as standard, including remote server management, hardware RAID, premium bandwidth and KVM over IP (with full power management).

Enhanced Solutions

The overall solution can be enhanced through a range of additional services such as hardware firewalls, shared firewall ports, IDS/IPS, server patch management, load balancing and pro-active monitoring. All of our dedicated server packages are backed by an expert team of technical staff and our enterprise grade SLAs. We offer a fully managed service where our engineers manage every aspect of your server from backups, patch management, updates and configuration changes.

Managed Support wherever you are in the world

Not only is our support team award winning, we ensure all our engineers are up to date with the most up to date technologies to ensure they can respond to any query quickly and accurately.
We offer a 24/7 NOC to ensure our customers from around the world, at any time can have unbelievable and fast access to support no matter what time of day.