DDoS Attack Prevention

DDoS Protection

Your business can elevate its network protection with DDoS protection, making sure that your organisation has the protection in place to do everything you can to make sure it’s not going to be shut down. Benefiting from Wi-Manx infrastructure, network visibility and security professionals; we can make sure you are as protected as can be from malicious assaults that you wouldn’t otherwise see coming.

Without disrupting your key network services, our solution surgically removes DDoS attack traffic from your business network. It’s effective for detecting and removing threats before they become a problem for you, your business and your customers or clients. It’s our business to keep your business secure.


Scalable, high-performance & delivers proven DDoS defence, and will work with your existing security technologies and network infrastructure.


Inline, transparent threat mitigation provides easy to deploy and manage DDoS prevention against targeted attacks, worm outbreaks, DDoS and Botnet attacks, source tracking, and inbound and outbound attacks.


In-house experts available 24x7x365.


A secure web dashboard provides real-time visibility into the network traffic, features include: alerts, bandwidth and traffic graphs, escalation plan management, reports and more.


As technology advances DDoS attacks will only increase in complexity and magnitude, our network is designed to mitigate and keep pace with the changing threat landscape.


Secure your critical on-premise and cloud infrastructure from attacks while relying on sophisticated filtering technologies to allow legitimate traffic to continue to flow.


View your entire network and traffic patterns all in one place, as well as centralised alerts, role-based management and self-service portals to provide flexible management and integration.


Always-on monitoring, alerts based on customer profiles, and advanced reporting and analysis during and after attack mitigation activities, giving you granular visibility and control of your network.

  • Carrier-class DDoS protection platforms
  • Maintains 1:1 true traffic scrubbing capacity
  • Hardware-based DDoS detection and mitigation delivers a latency rate of less than 50 microseconds
  • IP Reputation scoring system and continuous attack re-evaluation methods
  • Multi-level DDoS protection to ensure service availability
  • Purpose-built processors deliver proven, high performance protection
  • OSI Layer 7 & IPv6 capable
  • Multiple best-in-class DDoS mitigation vendors