SAN Replication

Data Storage

Wi-Manx can provide fast growing businesses with unbeatable SAN solutions, offering premier access to our state of the art data centres combined with our vast range of expertise as a hosting and managed services provider.

All of our services are completely scalable and flexible, allowing your business to rent the storage as and when you need it. We can create a bespoke SAN solution to meet your exact business needs, ensuring the complete compliance, confidentiality and integrity of your data at all times.

Shared SAN Storage

Shared SAN storage at Wi-Manx can be presented as either iSCSI, NFS or SMB- delivered over a 1GE port.
SAN storage can be on-site, a combination of on-site and off-site replication or off-site only. Our hosting technicians will install the relevant cabling to your equipment, provisioned on a 1GE port. We will also provide your business with the expert guidance and help required for the setup and configuration of the storage you need. The traffic on the 1GE storage port isn’t counted against your internet-facing connectivity.

SAN to SAN Replication

As part of your business continuity and disaster recovery plan, Wi-Manx enables your business to clone or mirror your existing SAN systems. This replica system is securely stored within our superior data centres. Your SAN and the replica SAN will remain in sync meaning that if disaster strikes, you are safe in the knowledge that you have an identical backup.

Features of offsite SAN to SAN replication:

  • Private MPLS connection to your existing SAN (either in a data centre or your premises)
  • You would house your Replica SAN in our premier Isle of Man data centre facility
  • Your data would replicate over the MPLS connection to the Isle of Man Replica
  • MPLS links are available from 2Mbps to 10Gbps

Archiving and Backup

Archiving, backing up or replicating your data off site is an integral part of many disaster recovery or business continuity plans and is often required from a compliance perspective.

Wi-Manx provides a safe and secure centre to cater for any size of business and their requirements. Our data centres provide advanced systems to keep your data completely protected at all times.

Our off shore data centre is also the ideal location for data replication, archiving and storage, as a well-respected and trusted destination for digital data, compliant with the European Data Protection Law. This off shore site is further enhanced with links and access to secure and state-of-the-art data centres strategically placed throughout the UK.

SAN Replica Hosting

Wi-Manx can house your replica SAN in our secure data centre environment. There are two key components to your hosted SAN solution:

Colocation- Your business can house its SAN in our data centre. We can accommodate systems ranging from single U to multi-rack SAN systems. Flexible cooling and power options are also available.

MPLS VPN- In order to connect your data securely to your replica you will need a private link. This could be in the form of a secure VPN connectivity or alternatively a dedicated, private MPLS link. Both solutions would provide you with a private link between your SAN and the hosted replica.


Immediate access to backed up data


Bespoke backup solutions that grow with your company


Lower DR cots by renting only the space you need


Secure, state-of-the-art datacentres keeping your data safe


Speed up and free up your existing network

  • Supporting a huge range of systems from Synology, EqualLogic, EMC, QNap, StarWind to Open-E to name just a few
  • MPLS secure connections to locations within the UK and Europe providing a layer2 connection between your existing and SAN replica systems
  • Colocation SAN replication services available accommodating single to multi-rack SAN systems
  • Ability to offer both synchronous and asynchronous replication
  • Global carrier connections in key locations to give you true global reach
  • All SAN systems are minimum RAID6, use enterprise-class drives and feature redundant components. The systems are recommended for backup and off-server storage
  • All datacentres offering full compliance with European Data Protection Law
  • Protection of your data in the event of natural disasters, hardware malfunctions, software failures, human errors and viruses