IP Transit Services

IP Transit

We operate our own diversely routed BGP4 transit network with upstream IPv4+IPv6 transit connectivity from Level3, Cogent and NTT.  If your business operates Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) and your requires internet connectivity via a transit provider rather than a basic internet connection or you are a network provider that would like to leverage our transit and peering connectivity then Global IP Transit from Wi-Manx can make sure you get the most out of your connectivity.

Ideal for businesses that operate their own network infrastructure and have an allocated ASN and Public IP (IPv4 and IPv6) address space, which they wish to make globally routable, Isle of Man businesses that require global connectivity from the island for their network and ASN without the costly expense and work required to expand a network out to the UK transit and peering points or companies that specifically require BGP routing for their internet connectivity.

We can provide your business with a flexible service provision including aggregated CDRs, connections to redundant core routers, rich BGP community support and DDOS protected transit services. With the latest generation of Juniper MX series routers, which support a range of flexible network services, Wi-Manx’s core network is second to none. Transit can be provided in London, Manchester or our Isle of Man datacentre.


Global IPv4 and IPv6 internet connectivity.


Wi-Manx globally announce the IP ranges via our extensive Peering and Transit partners.


Guarantied QoS enabled bandwidth over the Wi-Manx network.


Multiple diverse routes from all network POP’s to ensure high availability, backed by SLA’s.


Managed CPE with performance and availability monitoring can be bolted on to the service.

  • Upstream transits include Level3, Cogent, NTT
  • Best-in-class Juniper network hardware
  • Advertising of the customer ASN and IP assets to provide global reachability
  • Support for announcing via both BGP and Static Routes
  • Optional managed CPE
  • Wi-Manx will respond to faults raised by the customer via Phone/eMail
  • IPv4 + IPv6 internet access
  • European peering at LINX
  • Availability SLA – 99.9%
  • Rich BGP Community support
  • DDOS Protected
  • Flexible commits and transit options available