Wi-Manx Ltd Company History

Wi-Manx is 100% Manx owned and started operations in 2004 as a licenced service provider in the IOM. We began providing a range of services including VoIP (Voice over IP) and Internet connectivity using Microwave wireless technologies.  After several months of providing wireless links and voice services, we quickly discovered a demand for our services in the fixed line market.

Fixed Line Broadband

We got to work expanding our network so we could begin providing a range of ADSL, SDSL and other fixed line services. Our entrance to the broadband market caused quite a stir in what was once a fairly stagnant market with little competition, a market where competition was desperately needed.

Our range of innovative broadband products became very popular with static IP addresses as standard at no charge.   We had great value prices, modern ADSL equipment and with PlusTalk, free unlimited UK and Isle of Man landline calls – hard to believe at the time! We raised the bar in terms of what people came to expect from their ISP.

Around the same time, the number of home-users and businesses utilising our innovative voice services was growing rapidly, we began seeing millions of calls being made over our network. Over the years, we have seen our DSL customers grow to several thousand households and we are now considered a leading ISP on the Island, with many satisfied customers!

The First WiMAX Network

Despite our success in the DSL market, we never completely moved away from our wireless roots.  In 2006, we sought a 3.5GHz FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) license from Ofcom. Soon after, we began the design and commission of a state of the art WiMAX (802.16e) wireless broadband network. In 2007, we launched the UK’s first commercial WiMAX network. This was quite a feat at the time and the investment in the carrier grade network has paid dividends. Wirleess services today are still an attractive alternative to some legacy fixed line products

Heywood House – Isle of Man Datacentre

In 2007, we made further investments in our network with a relocation to Heywood House, the development of a state of the art NOC and a significant investment in our network infrastructure.

With several thousand loyal broadband customers, our commercial customers now include datacentres, e-gaming businesses, banks, IT service providers, local councils, legal firms, media companies and some of the largest enterprises – both on and off the Island. We work closely with IT service providers and due to our flexibility, we are now the choice of connectivity for a number of managed service providers based around Europe.

Over the years, we have developed a reputation as an innovative, dependable, great value and forward thinking service provider and we will continue to build on these foundations. We are also proud of our investment in the Island, its businesses, its people and Wi-Manx continues to be a 100% Manx owned and operated company.