Public Cloud

Public Cloud

One of the most popular hosting solution for businesses today, if your business needs something more flexible; you would be well placed considering public cloud. A dedicated and scalable cloud server delivers storage, compute and network resources, without the challenges of physical hardware. We can provide a public cloud resource to suit your business needs, whether this be dealing with a larger workload or if you require a smaller cloud with a self-service portal.

Ideal for businesses that want to scale easily or build high availability into their solution, this solution can be completely managed and supported by the experts at Wi-Manx; Host Servers, Network, Storage Platform, Backups and Replication, even all the way down to the data centre, power and cooling.


The whole platform is built with N+1 (one or more spare of everything), so any hardware or system failures are automatically and transparently routed away by the platform while we investigate.


MPLS network with 10E connectivity with access to premier level 3 data centres situated in key locations; Isle of Man, Manchester and London.


In-house experts available 24x7x365


All Hardware is fully managed with SLA covering Delivery, Scale Out and Hardware Replacement. We monitor your infrastructure and can fix any issues, if they arise before you would notice a problem.


Back-up and effective data recovery; our hosting environment utilises highly efficient CRAC units and cold aisle containment systems resulting in high operational efficiency, reflected by an industry leading PUE value. Wi-Manx can give you a managed Fortigate firewalls and UTM security.


Easy to use, comprehensive and secure web portal access.

  • High performance and capacity enterprise Dell and Supermicro servers
  • VMware vSphere provides the virtualisation layer to support the virtual machines and highly available features
  • Juniper network equipment is used to provide the high performance network between the layers
  • Administrative Access to Virtual Machines, via RDP or SSH
  • Platform deployed N+1 to ensure no service impact due to hardware failure
  • Tiered storage Dell platform provides the high capacity storage, replication and IOPS
  • Veeam provides the archived backups of machines.