Private Cloud

A scalable cloud server delivering storage, compute and network resources, without the challenges of physical hardware.

Delivering Dedicated Resources

The Private Cloud product is a hosting solution for delivering dedicated resources to run a virtualised workload bundling the main components storage, compute and network.

Private Cloud is suited to hosting large public or enterprise facing applications as the solution is designed to easily scale to meet business workload demands.

Private cloud solution

100% Dedicated to your Business

All the features of a public cloud, but the host servers and storage are 100% dedicated to your business.

A scalable cloud server delivering storage, compute and network resources, without the challenges of physical hardware.

We can provide a private cloud resource to suit your large business needs and heavy workload demand.

A scalable private cloud hosting solution

Scalable for your Business Needs

A Private Cloud solution is ideal for hosting large public or enterprise facing applications.

If your business is looking to be able to scale easily or build high availability into your solution, a Private Cloud product is ideal.

If you want want a ring-fenced private cloud resource reducing impact from other workloads and a greater degree of self service options, this is the solution to meet these needs.

Bespoke Solution

This solution is bespoke to the customer, so we can meet specific performance and resource requirements that you may have, we can also provide replication of data and services between our data centres for a resilient back up service.


state of the art tech award winning support with wi-manx

State-of-the-Art Award Winning Support

Our ambition has always been to pair high-quality tech solutions with first-rate support. This is why our award-winning support team are all trained to 3rd line standards and given comprehensive training on each of our products. Having a knowledgeable support team in place means that any technical enquiries can be dealt with quickly and efficiently – and that you won’t get stuck waiting for a resolution.

We allocate a unique ticket to every enquiry. This ensures that each issue raised is treated as an individual case. We never use scripts and aim to respond to help desk enquiries within 30 minutes. If you or your clients/customers would like to host their data offshore in a highly secure, world class data centre, speak to a member of our award winning service team today.

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The whole platform is built with N+1 (one or more spare of everything), so any hardware or system failures are automatically and transparently routed away from by the platform while we investigate.



MPLS network with from the ‘cloud’ to your business, with access to premier level 3 data centres situated in key locations; Isle of Man, Manchester and London.



In-house technical experts available 24/7/365.



Benefit from Real time performance monitoring.



Integrated VEEAM backup to secondary storage. Networking integration with private circuits, MPLS, Internet and Managed Firewalls.



Taking away all of the issues associated with sizing, deploying and managing hardware, allowing you to focus on core business.



A shared resource pool of compute with N+1 host servers ensuring High Availability.

Diverse data hosting solution

Diverse Data Hosting Solutions

We own and operate our own core network with extensive coverage both on and off the Isle of Man. Our unique network infrastructure leverages six datacentres, which allows Island businesses to benefit from multisite hosting solutions for increased diversity and resilience.

Award winning technical support

Award-Winning Technical Support

Our engineers are trained to ‘3rd line standards’ – meaning technical enquiries are dealt with effectively and efficiently by knowledgeable staff.

Speed and precision

Speed and Precision

Whether you need to order a service or upgrade your account, we take pride in helping customers reach a resolution as quickly as possible. We combine speed with attention to detail, resulting in 90% of our customers being willing to recommend us.

Voice experts

Voice Experts

We have operated the Island’s most popular voice over IP network for over 10 years, and have the widest range of industry-leading cloud hosted PBX platforms and complementary products.

One hundred percent manx owned

100% Manx

Wi-Manx is the only 100% Manx owned, fully licensed telecoms operator. We continue to invest in networks and technologies that benefit Island businesses and residents.

Cloud consultants

Cloud Consultants

We believe in a consultative approach that maximises your use of the cloud. By helping you choose the right combination of computer, storage and network services, our solution will meet your requirements and have flexibility and scalability built in.

Threat management

Threat Management

We are passionate about providing businesses with expert protection and security against data breaches – wherever they originate from. Our advanced threat management toolkit combines external threat management, internal threat management and hybrid backup and recovery.

Enterprise network solutions


We supply premium enterprise network solutions, implementing integrated connectivity and voice networks to organisations of all sizes. With one provider for hosting, internet, voice and site-to-site connectivity, all your services will be integrated and managed from one platform.


It is so refreshing to receive the level of customer service that we experience that quickly offers positive results and solutions.

- Mick Juchnowicz, IT Systems Manager, Tres Solutions